A new partnership for Milan: Announcing the club

AC Milan announced a new partnership: It is about agreeing with Monkey League, a digital game that became Rossoneri’s new NFT gaming partner. Club statement:

AC Milan is pleased to announce a new partnership with MonkeyLeague، NFT Games Partner The Rossoneri.

MonkeyLeague is a strategy-based soccer game in which users create and manage their dream team of at least six MonkeyPlayer NFTs (forward, midfielder, defender and goalkeeper), competing against real players and climbing the ranks based on their achievements. The game economy revolves around an internal currency, MonkeyBucks (MBS in US dollars), and internal assets with intrinsic value in and out of the game.

This new strategic partnership between MonkeyLeague and AC Milan provides for the creation of exclusive AC Milan-branded NFT assets, such as game wear, special tournaments, co-marketing events and many other initiatives, such as AC Milan players participating themselves in the playtest of the game.

The partnership provides a close collaboration between MonkeyLeague and Italian Champions to launch a new set of NFT assets related to gaming and brands. AC Milan, such as MonkeyPlayers, new skins and stages. The first and exclusive part of the collection will be auctioned 6 October be Magic Eden. Purchasers of certain AC Milan MonkeyPlayers will also receive an authentic signed AC Milan jersey.

Cardinal, Maldini

MonkeyLeague will also launch its first season of the MonkeyPlayer NFT breed with AC Milan, which could spawn AC Milan-branded assets. Additional NFTs, such as stadiums and terrain, will be available.

This partnership represents an important step in the growth of the entire MonkeyLeague community and fits perfectly with MonkeyLeague’s mission, which is to facilitate the transition from web2 to web3. For AC Milan, the new partnership with MonkeyLeague is part of AC Milan’s broader Web 3.0 strategy, which sees the club collaborating with industry experts to create unique digital experiences for fans, increasing the degree of involvement and proximity to their favorite team.

Kasper Stylesvig, Head of Revenue at AC Milan comment: “We are excited to start this partnership with MonkeyLeague, a collaboration that will allow us to further our position in the field of digital innovation. We are proud to be the first football club to partner with MonkeyLeague. Through this collaboration, we will bring this game to our fans around the world by introducing a new way And innovative for them to interact with their favorite team.”

Oren Langberg, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at MonkeyLeague He said: “The collaboration with the Champions of AC Milan, the undisputed creative club in the history of football, is further proof of what we are building and in what direction we are heading as a game and as a game factory. The partnership is also a major step in our program to facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3.”

This partnership will also see AC Milan sponsor some of the most prestigious esports tournaments that will bring together the best players in the MonkeyLeague world who will compete for exclusive prizes. At the same time, there will be many great prizes to be obtained, such as VIP tickets for the big matches held at the San Siro stadium, signed AC Milan team tickets and other accessories.

The game itself will benefit from the input of AC Milan stars as some players will participate in the game testing phase that will allow them to provide feedback and tips to ensure that the gameplay can be as realistic and engaging as possible.