A2 Super Cup | Fanoli Baskett: Coach Demis Kavina presents the semi-finals

© Photo at Mattia Martigani/Bly Basket

Ahead of the team’s departure to Forli, where the fourth Supercoppa LNP Old Wild West Final will be played on Friday 23 and Saturday 24, coach Demis Cavina met with the press to present the semi-final match that Fanoli Basket Cremona will play on Friday at 21:00 against the waters of ‘San Bernardo Cantù.

“Qualifying for the fourth final is definitely not a trivial result for us: we are actually a new group, both on and off the field.

I am very happy especially for the company, for the way you have approached this class, providing us with all the tools to work well and never making us lack for anything. A clear sign that we left the right attitude and the right desire. For our part, on the playing field, we reflect the will of the company: we set out to work with great determination. All these elements combined led to good results, which nonetheless remain ahead of the season. I have always talked about official friendlies and will continue to do so, even if, now that we are coming to an end, we want to take a trophy for our country and approach the fourth final with that mentality. We go to Forli with the desire to try to win.

By definition, the last four comprise the best teams. I don’t like talking about my opponents in terms of quality, I let others do it. I like to think that we are a high-quality team, with many weapons, and that above all it will improve because it has players who have accepted this project with the goal of growth. We meet a team that instead came from a losing final, who reaffirmed their right to return to Serie A by building a deep and experienced roster. Not only in the field: even the staff, in fact, are highly experienced. For us it will be a good test. It’s still pre-season but with these games already you can understand a lot of things and we want to use it in that perspective.

The challenge with coach Saketi and Kanto brings to mind more important stages, with both teams worthy of returning. I think its just a matter of time. It’s up to us to reduce this time, knowing that there are other teams with the same goal. It’s going to be a tough tournament, but already these tastes of important games mean that pre-season takes on a different value. The stakes are high from the start and the challenge of a team like Kanto is even better.

On a technical level, the things being prepared in attack and defense are becoming a sure thing. We have good defensive continuity and I like that, not for the quality but for the continuity of strength we see. In the offensive there is still much work to be done. We must also grow individually and get to know each other; I think with time we will improve the sporting condition as well. Some men actually have more difficulty than others getting into the condition, but that’s perfectly normal given the time period. We judge the matches played two weeks after the start of preparations. At the moment we can only be happy, not so much for the results obtained but for the feelings that are always very positive, both during the week and during the matches themselves.

In the last few meetings I have tried to expand the rotation in order not to risk the minutes not working this period. I want this team to prove that they are deep. Filippo Gallo and Kevin Ndze are taking their chances and carving out their space. Not all games will be the same, but for now the idea is to expand the tournaments. The close matches show us that we need everyone because it will be a very long season.”

Photo: Mattia Martigani/Blue Basket Treviglio