A2 Super Cup | OraSì combat was surpassed only by Cento in the final

Relive Wednesday’s Test at Rimini, avoiding injuries, playing for their fans: That’s what Oraso Ravenna had to do in their third Supercoppa game and that’s what happened, with Tramec Cento going 68-73 and closing the red set. Full marks.

After the first part of the match where the Giallorossi performed the operations, the guest in the third break steered the match, despite the return and hearts of the Lotesoriere boys.

It was played at the hot PalaCosta and under the watchful eye of Wendell Lewis, the American quarterback who arrived in Ravenna yesterday afternoon, applauded during the show supporting his teammates from behind the bench.

the match

Quintet ran with OraSì for the season with Anthony, Musso, Bonacini, Petrovich, Onujaev, per former Cento Marx, Zampini, Toscano, Archie and Berti. A good approach, Ravenna is aggressive from the start and moves forward with Bonacini triple baskets, Musso baskets, and Onojaife (dunk); On the other hand, three fouls and three resignations within minutes angered coach Mikashi who called for a time-out. Ravenna rose 13-4, the first sessions also start for coach Lotesoriere, Cento cuts from the line and then Boccelli from the arc closes the first 10 minutes at 17-11.

Giordano’s three-point game opened in the second quarter, and Lutsurieri honed his team’s minutes by keeping Petrovic and Anthony seated for more than five minutes. Petrovich himself first places a 32-24 basket, then, after a partial by the guests, signs a 35-31 hat-trick that goes into the long period.

At the start of the third quarter Cento approaches and takes the lead, Boccelli responds immediately from the arc (40-38). Berti became the man of the moment with six consecutive guest points (42-51), Giordano and Musso shortened the distance and then Toscano with a score of 47-55 at the end of the period.

Once again Nicola Giordano runs Balacosta at the start of the last quarter, first with a “2 + 1” and then, after the stubborn Calvi basket, with the ball reclaiming and turning at 54-56. Ravenna tries but the counter pass does not reach, and instead, respectively, the trio of Tomasini and Zampini, which returns 8 lengths for the guests, hit Lotesoriere timeout.

OraSì has a big heart and with Petrovic and Musso returning to -2 three minutes from the end and this time coach Mikachi called for the suspension. Free shots by irrepressible Bertie (19 points and 12 rebounds at 100% of the field) keep Cento ahead, Ravenna still manages to fix up to -3 but it’s not enough. Finished 68-73, Cento qualifies for the Super Cup quarter-finals, but Balacosta once again praises the convincing performance of the Giallorossi Lions.

Coach Alessandro Luzzoreri comments: “Another good test before the season. We thought of honoring the event and not getting hurt, these matches put us in some difficulty from a programming point of view. I am happy with the players because they are doing well, they are excited and I think they put in a good show tonight too, And they put in a lot of effort. From Monday, we will be fully booked and will finally be able to think about teamwork.”

Match Report

OraSì Ravenna Tramic Cento 68-73 (17-11, 35-31, 47-55)

Oraso Ravenna: Anthony 14, Giordano 13, Musso 9, Bartoli 2, Boconcelli 6, Calvi 4, Onujive 4, Galletti N, Giovannili, Petrovich 11, Laghi In, Bonacini 5. All: Lotesoriere. Assistants: Villani, Piastra.

Tramec Cento: Zilli ne, Marks 6, Tomassini 14, Baldinotti ne, Kuuba 6, Ulaneo, Toscano 3, Zampini 12, Berti 19, Archie 11, Moreno 2. All.: Mecacci.