A2 Super Cup | Paulo Lepore: Semi-finalist Acqua S. Bernardo Cantù-Vanoli Cremona

To bring you more tactical themes for the Serie A2 Supercoppa LNP 2022 Old Wild West Final Four, the Technical Corner sponsored by Paulo Lepore is back.
Shoulder Niccolo Trigare in the selected “Game of the Week” for the LNP PASS and Super Cup Final Four, coach Lepore in his column outlines the tactical characteristics of the teams and the players’ reference to the Super Cup finals.

S.Bernardo Cantù water

Overview: A defeat at Casal Monferrato but a win in Turin, against a rival would give it a tough time even in the league, then defeating Trapani in a match consisting of ups and downs with a final thrill when Mason’s shot from the center table. Campo risked making fun of her in the end.
Top scorers in the Super Cup: Francesco Stefanelli and Filippo Baldi Rossi, the first one of the best players in the last tournament, who proved to be starting right from where he left off in last year’s finals, 15.3 points with 55% from 3 points, always has a great feeling with the basket. Balde Rossi, from season 14/15 until the last championship always in A1, embraced Canto’s cause and his “recovery” after losing the final last year at Scafati in 5 races. Also for him 15.3 points up to 63% of 3 points, which then is his main advantage in opening the field with his shot.

Rocco Rojic: An option in turn, one of the few “non-American” foreigners in the league, but the perfect player for Coach Saketti who prefers to “think” about point guards (just remember one of his students Travis Diner). Great experience across Europe (Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary up to 6 matches at Imola in 2016/17 in A2) and the Croatian national team. A great ability to create advantages from using pickup and roll as he benefits from changing his speed while always staying in control to read long assists and build a shot even from 3 points off the block or to keep the defender behind and attack right in the iron. 6.6 helps on average last year to show his ability to create play for his teammates as well, especially for surrounding shooters who certainly don’t lack Kanto.
DARIO HUNT: American with a lot of experience (in Italy in Capo d’Orlando, Caserta, Brescia, Fortitudo Bologna), but also in many other leagues across Europe (Ukraine, Austria, France, Belgium, Greece). Perfect for blocking and rolling into the basket to take advantage of Rogic’s passes by harnessing his speed and athletic style of acceleration to finish the barbell with a power dunk. He runs the field well (given his role), and is the perfect player for the Sacchetti type of game made up of lots of counter-attacks and transition games. Always ready to move in space and ready to receive drains within the area.

The odds: After losing last year’s race 5 final at Scafati, the goal can only be to leap into the class again. That is why the highly experienced coach, winner at all levels, Meo Sacchetti, has come to the bench. Already in this glimpse of the Super Cup, you can see how the team wants to play at a high pace, scoring 78.5 points on average, the top four finalists in this Super Cup, and using the 3-point shot as a weapon to undermine opposing defenses. A core group of very important players from last season has been confirmed (Stefanelli, Bucarelli, Da Ros, Severini, Nikolic) joined by Benny (who won the A2 Series last year in Verona) and Baldi Rossi who has already shown how important it is to this. Team. Two foreigners with a lot of experience in the European Championships certainly know the difficulties of a long and complex tournament to win like the A2 series. He’s still playing in flashes this part of the season, which is normal at this point in his preparation, but he’s already hinted at an absolute potential level.

Fanoli Basket Cremona

Overview: The only defeat to Piacenza at the end is at the hands of Sabatini in this Super Cup, followed by two very convincing victories at Treviglio (where he always had a double-digit advantage against a previously unbeaten team) and at Cento where he started to win. Understand how deep and structured it is to immediately return to the top. He gave the impression that he was in a state of remarkable growth.

Fanoli’s top scorer: David Daenerys, the absolute protagonist in this first part of the tournament, 16.3 points with 52% from 3 points (over 6 attempts per game), immediately became very familiar with the new reality after Ravenna’s last excellent season.

Trevor Lacey: The player is now very experienced in Italy, last year at Udine, and has a great desire to avenge the defeat in the final last year. Go to the man, he is not afraid to take responsibility and decisive shots, he is a player who does not impose situations but against Treviglio he has already shown the cleanliness of his dribbling, stopping and shooting and his ability to build a shot whenever he wants. Fanoli’s selection is clear, as he focuses on two Americans who already know Italy and this tournament. It’s interesting how coach Kavina is also testing him in point guard…early season experiences or new perspectives…we’ll see after the development of the team.
JALEN CANNON: The sixth season in a row in Italy (2 years in Agrigento, one in Rieti and one in Tortona which he won the A2 Championship, last year he also stayed in A1). Certainly another American with a certain performance who, along with Lacey, is one of the best foreign couples in the league. One of the best offensive rebound players in the league, always ready to follow his teammates’ shots and fight for position. Excellent ability to build self and teammate advantages when blocking and rolling into the hoop using the body to maintain advantage within the zone.

The odds: The team built by President Aldo Fanoli and general manager Andrea Conte has a very clear and clear goal: to return immediately to the First Division. A coach who knows this tournament well as Demis Cavina, a team with great sportsmanship in the long section (Iboa, Mobio), experience and knowledge of the Dengari (not surprisingly the best of the first Super Cup matches) and Carotti, who won the tournament last year in Verona and by Alibegovic , an amazing talent who can really invent a basket in different ways. We have already said about the Americans, their knowledge and experience, we must not forget the return of Bequia from injury, a player who can really raise the already high level of the team even further. Attention to sportsmanship in some elements (Mobio in this Super Cup is approximately 4.0 attack rebounds per game).