A2 Super Cup | The Blue Star race stops in Agrigento

second match of the season for Stella Azzurra Roma, on their Sicily trip to take on Fortitudo Agrigento with the LNP Super Cup round on the line; The result of the race, however, knocks both teams out of the competition.

To break the ice is the host, with two free throws from Marfo, followed by 4 consecutive points from former Grande punctuated by Rullo’s 6-2 support after two and a half minutes of play. The nation expected a 0-8 break for nerostellati, interrupted by the trio of Grande, from Dunk Marvo and from Ambrosin’s backing and again Grande for 15-10 in the first half of the match from a sparkling start. With Chiarastella and Grande unleashed, the Sicilians go up +9, touching +10 which they wrap up the first quarter with a 22-12 lead with Chiarastella’s triple after Visintin’s two free throws.

After backing Cuffaro, it was Giachetti who put the points back on the scoreboard with a treble for Stella Azzurra Roma, to which he added a float after the treble by Costi for 27-17 three and a half minutes into the second quarter. Feeling tired in this early period of the season, the hosts’ percentages drop and the Capitoline puts more energy in as they turn to approach: Innocenti, Wilson and Chiumenti allow you to bite off the host’s flaw, ahead of a three-point game from Rullo who set the score at 31-26 three minutes later. From the end of the first half. A new break 9-0 by Agrigento to bring the lead back to double digits, Wilson scored for Lazio in the last game of the first half that ended at 40-28 for the locals.

Grande returned to the field with the same vitality at the beginning of the match, raising the distance between the two teams to 15 points by three in the first procedure of the third quarter. The hosts keep pressing the gas pedal, looking for +26 that will allow them to advance to the next round in the Super Cup; Stella Azzurra Roma also suffers from less strength due to his commitment to a long journey three days after the last match. With Triple Giachetti, who is trying to rock his side, the third break ends at 61-44.

Giachetti himself (Nerostellato top scorer, 15 points) in the opening quarter results again, making the boys from coach Bechi react with a reaction that allows them to nibble a few points at a disadvantage, with Innocenti particularly active to smear the lines passing opponents in the defensive half . Once again Grande, with a triple score from the corner, extinguishes the ambitions of the return of Stella Azzurra Roma who, however, remains combative to the end, and continues to approach the Sicilian score; With Innocenti still on the shields, the Capitoline finished the match with a defeat only 4 points, to 75-71, with almost the last few columns trying to come back, indicative of the group’s character.

Moncada Energy Agrigento – Blue Star Roma 75-71

Moncada Energy Agrigento: Marfo 11, Francis 8, Mayer ne, Peterson, Bellavia 4, Chiarastella 6, Costi 11, Cuffaro 2, Fernandez F., Grande 26, Ambrosin 7, Fernandez T. All. Cagnardi, Ass. All. Cardelli

Stella Azzurra Roma: Wilson 12, Vicente 4, Chiumenti 3, Giacchetti 15, Rollo 7, Fresno 2, Nikolic 5, Innocenti 13, Nazion 2, Ferrara 2, Salvione 6, Mabor. Bichi herds, Michelito’s herds