Abraham disappointed, Belotti gesture in the interval between Rome and Atalanta

We must start from the end, that is, from gestures and words. Tammy Abraham apologizes to Roma fans, taking direct responsibility for an incomprehensible defeat: How can you lose a game in which he shot 21 times (to 4) with an expected goal index of 2.22 to 0.18? In fact you can because it is expected in football regulations that in order to remedy a disadvantage, you must score at least one goal. Abraham missed twice against Sportello. First by kicking a penalty kick on the move, then the second goalkeeper Gasperini’s shot from a few meters away. He went crazy.

Ibrahim’s gesture at half the time

He got so depressed after the first half, Ibrahim, that he waited for the second half to start In isolation on the stairs Leading from the tunnel to the changing rooms. He was shaking his head as if he was still rooted in the previous mistakes. Mourinho patted him on the back. Belotti went to shake him. But Tammy looked like she would never get out of the self-destructive cycle. In fact, in the second half It was never definitive. He was only noticed because of his save on the line, after a free kick in which Pasalic tried the possible 2-0 shot. Out of generosity, it’s hard to find a better striker.

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Rome, Ibrahim’s bitter words at the end of the game

Hence the change. And not with Belotti, who has already entered Matic’s place. but with ShumorodovLast on Mourinho’s list. The coach realized that Ibrahim was Now psychologically very far from the game. Keeping him on the field in the last minutes was like playing with one man. Abraham, who was praised by the stadium at the time of the switch, showed his open hand to take the blame on Sunday. He was tough, despite the sweet words he received from his colleagues on the bench. And after the match, he posted on Instagram a photo of the locker room where you can see the right boot, who led the two offending balls poorly, and the words: “I apologize to everyone for the result. I will come back better and strongerA position that honors him, even if he is alone 0-1 . is not justified: Others, too, Shumorodov himself, for example, could have scored an equaliser.

Belotti’s competition problem

But in reality, his season got off to a bad start. Not by numbers, because he scored 2 goals in 7 matches. Last year, the first of its kind in Italy, he had to wait for the 12th day to reach 3. Ibrahim lacks quality and substance. Ironically, he played better against Atalanta than he did in Turin and Empoli, when he was decisive with goals, at least in the first half. But he blundered in the penalty area so much that he could not forgive himself. Mourinho had referred in recent weeks to competition pressures, which could worry him after arriving in the group of a good striker like Belotti. But just yesterday, before the game, Abraham ruled out such a possibility for Dazen’s mics: “Having a partner of Andrea’s level is a help, definitely not a problem. We always talk first, compare, support each other to encourage each otherRoma hope that sooner or later the duo will become a real advantage.

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