Agnelli does not waste time for the good of Juventus, he called Allegri and sent him off | first page

The Juventus crisis is different from the Inter crisis and therefore it must be faced in a different way. We will soon talk about Inzaghi who lost 3 matches in one month, which is a massive amount compared to 4 matches in the entire last tournament. Now there is an urgent need for Juventus, who lost only once (plus 2 in the Champions League) but has one point less than last year, when already a month later lost all hope of the championship. At that time he was 11 points behind Napoli first, now he is below zero 7, and if we can’t say the same, it’s because this time even those in front have slowed down.

A few hours ago, here on these pages, Mario Sconcerti and Sandro Sabatini explained why it was right – according to them – for Juventus to go ahead with Max Allegri. Sconcerti, among other things, is the only person he has spoken with comprehensively and recently, and collected his heartfelt testimony, which we have all read and commented on. A big press hit. However, despite these reliable opinions, we have a completely different opinion. The best of Juve in fact is to call Allegri already tonight at the headquarters and negotiate his surrender, Which cannot be the full amount of the contract, because unless Allegri decides to stop training, it is inconceivable that he will remain on Juventus’ payroll until 2025. We know about his contract: almost 3 years remaining, with 7 million plus 2 bonus. Total and in the worst case scenario is 40 million, because in the case of dismissal / resignation, bonuses should not be counted. What will it cost to stay out of the next Champions League? Certainly more. And then, even for that matter alone, Juve must change course in their season, because some signs are unmistakable.

Ahead of the loss to Monza, CEO Arrivabene said sacking Allegri would be insane. In his opinion, who knows math and not football by his own admission, But if this was a gamble before the game, then it became an obvious necessity. Allegri does not have the heart of the team, the dressing room does not follow him, many players do not understand him. Everyone had read or heard what he said to Sconcerti, no one liked him, especially those who should pull the wagon, now that the infirmary was full. Di Maria is surprised, only happy to go to his real team, Argentina, for ten days. The total is a cross between Sampdoria, Spezia, Salernitana and Monza collected 5 points out of 12 at stake. Then injuries, already 11 of muscle origin in 3 months of the season. And what are Bonucci’s words? And that frequent penance that the team must undergo at the end of the match, to purge themselves of defeats by being inundated with whistles and insults from the fans? Are they really necessary?

Arrivabene is the same who spoke before Benfica to a fan and laughed and asked who would pay the potential new coach. The same person who made it clear at the beginning of July publicly that he is not an expert in football, but knows what Juve’s goal is, as well as how to achieve it. Oddly enough, the CEO defends Allegri, recalling that the project he’s on is four years old and doing so after a few weeks of focusing on a market of immediately ready players, at least so he had hoped. A project in which the almost 35-year-old Di Maria was the most important piece, with only one idea in mind: the last World Cup. He was prosecuted, tried and waited for 3 months, because Allegri – who has a contract until 2025 – considered him indispensable to Juventus.

It was Andrea Agnelli who wanted Allegri a year ago. It was he who was offered the contract that now slows down the inevitable. Montero today, Conte tomorrow, or Tuchel (Zidane will run France): No point in naming names now, that’s not the point. We need a shock and that’s for Juve. Agnelli hasn’t spoken in nearly 5 months: a phone call, and Allegri’s immediate call to headquarters, will be enough to correct the false start and make the difference. Not required, but advice.

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