Andrea Ranocchia says goodbye to football

After the contract with Monza was terminated, the former defender announced the decision: “Unless he returns from last season, the substitution has stopped.”

A little over a day after the contract with Monza was terminated, Andrea Ranocchia He officially said goodbye to football. The former Inter defender did so with a message on social media addressed to his fans. “There was nothing going back to last season, as if the key was off. I have nothing to give what’s inside of me,” admitted Frog.

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“I know many of you have read the news of the termination with Monza and to give you an explanation here, I want to get it from my voice. When I started playing football, now 30 years ago, I started with a great passion and it was the thing I loved the most in the world, I started here from Bastia Umbria and there have been great moments where he enjoys playing football.I never thought of where I could get as a kid and had so much wealth to turn my passion into in my business.I have been in touch with many people and will have many of these experiences.I had the skill and good luck to be able to take on All kinds of experiences and after many steps, after many moments, of all kinds, I was fortunate enough to meet the coach, Pietro Montanelli, who discovered me as a defender and turned me into a footballer until yesterday. I thank all the coaches I have, I thought of you in this search of days” , his words.

About Conte: “He changed me: he is a coach who absorbs you and changes your way of thinking, he turns me into a winner. He is a coach when he leaves you, you are no longer the same as before. I was fortunate enough to know him and from there I started my career at the higher levels. I had such a great time, It has been my pride to have played against the major leagues. I have always given everything and I thank all my family for the support they have given me, for the joys.”

Farewell to football: “For a year and a half I was going through a difficult period, on a motivational level, already when I was at Inter. Monza offered me this opportunity, an excellent contract and I took advantage of it. A point I felt that there was nothing inside of me and I began to ask myself many questions, then There was a bad injury in Naples and it could have kept me off the field for months. I thought and saw that the club gave me so much confidence, I thought it was right not to make fun of anyone. I have nothing to give inside of me, and we broke up with Galliani as friends, he was a gentleman And he understood. Now I am taking some time to recover these feelings coming in these months and to think about the future. I will not go back to playing football, that is not what I want.”