Appeal ruling on Ecuador and Castillo is not slowing down on the last paper

about ct Roberto Mancini And blue from the exclusion of world CupThe FIFA He tried once and for all to close one of the open and unpleasant cases that have emerged in recent months, the alleged infringement of qualification del Ecuador Because of what is now included – for simplicity – in the case Byron Castillo.

FIFA decision on Castillo

The FIFA’s Appeals Bodywith a solemn official announcement, announced on Friday evening his decision in this regard, that is, he did not accept the appeals of the Chilean and Peruvian federations regarding the alleged violation related to the player’s nationality. Byron Castillo.

Immediately after this sentence, the story of the player accused of faking his nationality returned to strength.

Audio and documents from the Daily Mail

finally , daily Mail He actually posted an audio clip with documentation Under which the player admitted that he is Colombian. In short, a very ambiguous case that FIFA has been called upon to decide since then Chilewho believed that he was harmed by this case and therefore was excluded from World Cup in Qatar.

Late on Friday afternoon, the FIFA Appeal Committee ruled on the appeals submitted by the Chilean Football Association and the Peruvian Football Association, confirming what had already been stated in the previous ruling.

Both associations objected to the decision taken by the Disciplinary Committee regarding possible disqualification Byron David Castillo Segura Compared to his attendance in the eight World Cup qualifiers he played in the jersey del Ecuador.

Source: ANSA

Ecuador into the finals, Chile and Peru just missing TAS

lawyers Chile claimed that the nationality of Castillo He was Colombian, not Ecuadorean, and therefore could not play for this team. From this fact asking for loss is at the table all’Ecuador Also matches where it appeared Castillo.

In line with the decision Disciplinary Committeealso on appeal, FIFA has chosen to dismiss the proceedings against Ecuadorean Football Federation, An assessment that corresponds to the first sentence but does not exclude the possibility of appeal to who – which From Lausanne Which still bodes well for both the Chilean and Peruvian federations.


The situation in Italy

Almost inconsistent expectations, now, will worry Italy’s return completely away from the last chance to recover, after a disastrous elimination agreed with a qualifying defeat against. North Macedonia And the months that followed were between optimistic statements and tangible possibilities for recovery.

It will be inevitable, as expected near the date of September appointments The League of Nations they see Italia spread againstEngland and Hungaryconsider the absence of attackers:

“Italy has always had great strikers, it is unnatural to see now, apart from Immobile, there are foreign strikers who are top scorers in Serie A.” “The fact is that for some time our top players have had many foreign strikers and this creates some difficulties for us – the coach admitted – I hope it will not be an irreversible process where soon two or three strikers can emerge capable of giving and taking the future of the national team. But a few years ago there were no defenders and then they thrived. I hope the same will happen to the attackers, because it’s not so small a problem…”, his warning.

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