Are motorcycles politically correct? Valentino Rossi responds to Haga’s training and “just call” training

The riders are still strong, very strong indeed, off the track, but they talk less. In an exchange between Linus and Guido Meda during the Deejay Chiama Italia, we return to the famous training of Noriyuki Haga (“The Only Key”) and the response of Valentino Rossi.

nFriday Motegi, Linus and Nicolas Savino hosted Guido Meda at Deejay Chiama Italia to talk about the Grand Prix that will open in this season’s Grand Final: Five races left, 17 points to split the riders in the fight and a Ducati who, 15 years later, could return to dreaming of the title. In what now appears to be the only dry session of the entire weekend, the track brought us back 20 riders in one second, with Jack Miller is in the lead and Bagnaia, Quartararo and Aleix Espargarò follow him. “In my opinion, they did the only dry free run – because rain is expected in the next few days,” said Meda. “I have to say the big names are all at the top of the standings: Miller first and Bagnaia second, but this is a track that allows Quartaro to defend a little more than Aragon” .

JThe main topic of these weeks, At least since Misano, Ducati will probably ask its riders (especially Bastianini, who works for Gresini Racing) to help Bagnaia give him the position. Something everyone directly involved didn’t seem to want to consider, as Meda explains over the phone: “Bagnaia is the first to say he wants to win the world championship on his own, and Bastianini has said pretty much the same, if he can win he does. The Satellite team is still the The team that pays the price, and Bastianini, although he is 48 points from Quartararo, he is at risk sportingly.This should not be the time to ask for favors, this is not in the motorcycle culture and it is not the time to do it because there are economic and sporting interests on the The stake. If we then find ourselves among three races in a different situation, in my opinion, there is no need to say so.”

sMoving on to what Linus called “the MotoGP crisis”: Less crowd in the ring and less media attention To which our turn responded, at least in time, adding a race on Saturday that will run half laps, with half the points allocated compared to To the person who works on Sunday: “It’s content created specifically to give more to those who go to the racetrack, because the real crisis is above all on some – but not all – tracks and precautions are going in that direction. From a TV point of view, things are not going well, although it is You can notice the fact that maybe the charismatic character is missing a little bit. But the new generations are a little afraid to speak up because of the political correctness that tears them apart when they are young, they need to understand the world they are in. But what sport are we talking about now? In football it is no different.”

At this point the radio magic begins. Linus took the floor and said that, speaking of political correctness, Deejay Chiama Italia broadcast the famous interview with Noriyuki Haga about his training: “Yesterday morning we talked about MotoGP, we got people to hear something very popular that you definitely know,” the voiceover begins with one of his most exciting phrases Motorcycle driver at all. “The nice thing – continues Linus – is that shortly after I received the following WhatsApp audio on my mobile phone.” More audio, this time by the undisputed Valentino Rossi “Hi Linus, good morning! I’m watching you and the Haga interview where he says that “Key only training” (Imitation of Haga’s voice, editor) is a mantra for all riders of a certain level.”

Laugh , Questions about Knights of the DayConsiderations for bikes that now also require gym training. and before closing, Greetings to Andrea Yannon, “Just an engagement to Elodie.” curtain.