Bagnaia and Bastianini, beware! Quartararo third wheel in Japan

MotoGP is entering the second week of three consecutive weekends of racing: we fly from Spain to Japan, for the grand prix to be held in Motegi this weekend, before the trip to Thailand. So let’s go and see the news on the start grid with Guido Sassi in MotoGP start network.

What is happening
An intercontinental ride like the one Dorna set out for this tour forces the teams into a real race against time to be in the pits as the bikes prepare to start testing. in this occasion The schedule was so compact that it was necessary to revise the format of the exams, with one session less free practice. The motorcycle race will be on track at 8.05 am on Friday (Italian time, 15.05 local time), and the session will last an hour and a quarter to make up for lost time in the morning. Then it resumes on Saturday morning (3.50 Italian time) with a 45-minute basic course, then there will be the qualifications (from 8.05).
The problem is The weather is bad, at least on Friday and Saturday: Sunday’s race seems – for now – to save. How far will the drivers really be able to lap before the Grand Prix? But, above all, there is a very real risk that everyone will make it to the race with only one dry practice session available, and it’s a Sunday morning warm-up. There will be a little time to work on the setupand it will be necessary to make the first solutions found go well, among other things in a circle in which people have not run since before the pandemic.

What are the numbers
3 consecutive world titles, the 2022 title won 5 races before the end of the season. Ducati is the master of the motorcycle technical scene: 10 wins in 15 races Also in Aragon the Borgo Panigale riders had good and bad weather. Bagnaia hit the pole with the track record, Bastianini won, and Marini set the fastest lap of the race, also in this case with an attached record. Whether they are from the official team or customers, 2021 or 2022, Desmosedici is flying, even on the tracks where even two years ago they struggled to get to the podium (see Aragon).
Is it enough to win the drivers’ title? not at all why Quartararo is only in crisis At the moment, he remains at the top of the world championship by 10 points, ahead of Bajnaya.

the challenge
Choose only the French 39 points in the last 5 races, but in Austria he finished second on the comeback and in Great Britain he would have been in the group of the best if he hadn’t had to serve up a long penalty kick. In Assen, limit yourself to breaking down, as in Aragon, otherwise we would have been talking about a less open world championship. Of course, mistakes must be taken into account Fabio has the potential to claim victory again in the weekend or so at the first advantageous opportunity.
The calendar seems to ensure maximum balance from here until the end of the year: Motegi is a track that can somehow remember Spielberg (great acceleration and braking), but Ducati doesn’t necessarily have to gain who knows what the advantage is. Thailand and Malaysia have roughly similar characteristics, and Valencia has traditionally been a good track for Yamaha. The end of the season will be completely unclear.

This is history
One of the most beautiful races in Motegi – in recent years – was undoubtedly the races of 2017, with The duel between Dovizioso and Marquez in the midst of the global flood. After the first stage of a difficult race, with third wheel Danilo Petrucci, the battle centered between the two title contenders, who both passed and overtook on the last lap. But it was the last corner that decided it all, as Mark tipped into Garibaldian and Andrea Jade on the cross. Duffy won the grand prix and kept the world championship open, even if the title went again to Marquez.

hot spot
stay in Motegi, Twin Ring is a fun track, with some strong braking highlighting the breaker skills. This is the case at curve 1, at the end of the straight line, which nevertheless offers a quick response to the number 3. More effective, in order to gain positions, attack on 11, which reaches the end of the long straight back line (762 metres), or at 13, but in this case you have to do the calculations well, so as not to sacrifice too much the entrance of the 14, which closes the kekan, and find yourself with little acceleration on the straight start: especially on the last lap!