Bagnaia beat Bastianini, with -30 points in the standings of Quartararo-

From Paolo Lorenzi

Bagnaia takes a fourth win in a row and closes the gap in the standings with Quartararo, now just 30 points away. Luca Marini fourth, Dovizioso in the last race of his career closes twelfth

16:00 – Ducati of the B&B enjoys betting with Bagnaia and Bastianini

(Paolo LorenziThe Pecco and the Beast, future husband ducati, beat Misano, thrilled the home crowd, and launched the next season’s Family Challenge. a Appetizer for 2023 when the couple is B&B (Bastianini-Bagnaia) . will participate Official Team Chest.

Right now, there are no sparks though The challenge to finish the picture. Bagnaia won, perfect for the entire race, as Vinales cornered him with Aprilia who kept him in sight until lap 19, when Bastianini slipped, holding himself in the Codon Piedmont desmosidichi. On the last lap Enea attempted the first attack On the fourth turn, risking hitting Bagnaia, he lost precious counters, Try again in the last corner Who came out of it hard pressing all the power of his bike, e Risking the ridicule of Pecco on the finish line. maneuver for it Borgo Panigale CEO Claudio Domenicali However he issued a warning: this detached person could have spared that, you have to think about the team’s score. Behind there were 150 people working, he commented on Sky’s microphones.

Then the handshake, the sincere slaps, the mutual appreciation of two heroes who openly confronted each other. Nice race, but the bike slipped a lot at first – the official Ducati rider said -. As the times improved, I tried to push, but the Enea was getting closer and closer.

Bagnaia already in history: the fourth win in a row with Ducati, nothing preceded him. Neither Stoner, 2007 title champ. With the sixth victory in 2023 Nibbles 14 points in Quarteraro, fell into the grip of the Italian bike and actually finished off the podium, in fifth place. The last victory of the French is due to Germany, 4 Grands Prix ago. And the booty becomes thinner.

Luca Marini kept him away throughout the race, finishing fourth A place after the fall of a teammate Bezzecchi, one of the unexpected twists, a fall zombie Jack Miller started from the pole, carried on the head and then slipped (loss of the forehead). Fabio Di Giannantonio and Franco Morbidelli also crashed on the same lap (in Group A Bingo which includes Peru, Zarco and Paul Espargar).

As Bastianini’s runner-up confirms Ducati’s selection for 2023, 3rd place for Vinalesafter racing always on offense, rewards the bet made by Massimo Rivola, head of the racing department Aprilia, who believed in him, while also focusing on his talent for the future. We have grown up – said the Spaniard – we are aiming to win, but Picot did nothing wrong today. Vinales sent a lively greeting to Dovizioso, go after his latest achievement, was cut to twelfth place, and was embraced by fans who came to salute him. I was excited on the last lap, strange sensations, which I thought I had better experienced – said Forli, clearly moved -. I enjoyed the last curves, and my friends there were already ready to greet me…. Then a comment on the Italian duo, the new one is progressing: the future is in good hands.

15:05 – World Ranking

This is the updated standings for the MotoGP World Championships.

1. Quarterly
2- Bagnaia 181
3 – a. Espergaro 178
4- Bastianini 138
5- Zarco 125
6- Miller 123
7. B Binder 115
8. Kidney and Viales 101
10- Martin 94

14:56 – Bagnaia: What a duel with Bastianini

Bagnaia Bastianini preceded itself by only 34 thousandths. These are his first words after the victory: At first I had a fist. The duel with Bastianini is beautiful. I am very happy with this win that we got starting from fifth place.

14:48 – first 10

This is the order of arrival of the Misano GP.

1. Bajnaya
2. Bastianini
3. Vinales
4. Marine
5. Quarterly
6. Espargaro
7. Rinse
8. Binder
9. Martin
10 a. Marquis
12. Dovizioso

14:44 – The fourth victory in a row for Bagnaia

Pecco Bagnaia became the first Ducati rider to win four consecutive races in MotoGP. Now the gap in the rankings from Quartaro is 30 points. The World Cup is definitely on the line.

14:42 – Vince Bagnaia, according to Bastianini

Upon reaching the end of the picture, Bagnaia crosses the finish line first for a few milliseconds. Bastianini finished second, Vinales third, Martini fourth and Quartararo fifth.

14:41 – Jiro 27/27

The last lap, the last corners, Bagnaya against Bastianini to beat Misano. Who will cross the finish line first?

2:40 PM – Round 26/27

Bagnaia and Bastianini turn out to be 1:31.9, which is an unsustainable pace for everyone. Meanwhile, Quartararo tries to bypass Marini.

14:39 – Round 24/27

Now a two-way fight between Bagnaia and Bastianini, who made a void over the rest of the group. Viales III by more than two seconds.

14:38 – Jiro 22/27

Behind Quartararo catching up with Marini. He can try attacking in fourth place, points that mean a lot in terms of world championships.

14:35 – Jiro 21/27

Bagnaia and Bastianini study each other. Track-limited warning to Bastianini, who will have to be careful for the last six laps.

14:33 – Round 20/27

Bastianini approaches Bagnaia. Soon the two, who will be teammates next year, will begin to duel for the lead.

14:32 – Lap 19/27

Quartararo is now separate from the lead group. The Frenchman is fifth and two and a half behind Marini IV.

2.30 pm – Round 18/28

Eight laps from the end of the race, he overtakes Inia Bastianini in Vinales, who is trying in vain to re-overtake.

2:28 PM – Lap 17/27

Bastianini and Marini swap positions, slightly losing contact with Bagnaya and Vinales, who scored the fastest lap in the meantime (1:32,294).

2:25 PM – Lap 15/27

Also for Quartararo comes a warning about track limits. The Frenchman is pressing to catch the leading group, but remains seven tenths behind.

14:24 – Jiro 14/27

Aleix Espargaro loses connection from Quartararo: now pushes 1.7 seconds. Quartet leadership maintains its positions.

2.11pm – Round 12/27

Maverick Viales, second, receives a warning about the path limits: the next time the path limits are exceeded, a long penalty will come.

2:18 pm – Round 11/27

Attitudes are now formed. Espargaro, sixth, presses to catch up with Quartararo, who in turn tries to catch up with the leading quartet.

2:16 pm – Round 9/27

Alex Espargaro had the fastest lap (1:32.468), but he’s almost a second behind Quartararo. The Frenchman, in turn, pays seven tenths of the Marini.

2:13 PM – Lap 7/27

Quartararo is trying to mend the gap with the leading quartet. The world champion driver sets the fastest lap of the race (1:32,511), now almost one second off the leading group (Bagnaia, Vinales, Bastianini, Marini).

2:11 PM – Lap 6/27

Bagnaia retains first place ahead of Viales, Bastianini and Marini.

2:08 PM – Lap 4/27

Meanwhile Quartararo climbs up. The world champion climbed to fifth after overtaking Alex Espargaro.

2:06 PM – Jiro 3/27

Pecco Bagnaia beats Bastianini first. Vinales and Luca Marini also joined the leading group.

2:05 p.m. – Lap 2 to 27

Miller to the floor during the second lap. Bezzecchi is also located, now in front of Bastianini and Bagnaia.

14:03 – Parties

On the left, Miller is directly ahead of Bastianini and Bagnaya. Quarteraro VIII. Right on the ground at the first corner Zarco, Peru and Paul Espargaro

13:07 – The starting grid

This is the top ten in the MotoGP starting grid.
1 – Miller (Ducati);
2 – Bastianini (Ducati);
3 – Bezzecchi (Ducati)
4 – vinalis (Aprilia);
5 – Bagnaya (Ducati);
6 – Zarco (Ducati)
7 – Marini (Ducati);
8 – Quartararo (Yamaha);
9 – a. Espargaro (Aprilia) Oliveira (Ktm);
10. Morbidley (Yamaha).

12:24 PM – Qualifiers: Miller on pole

jack Miller Qutb signed his second career (4 years, 4 months and 27 days from the first, in Rio Hondo in 2018), ahead of Pecco Bagnaia, who fell by three places For a hazardous maneuver that has been approved at the end of the first free practice session. Bagnaia scattered in the middle of the second row anyway in front of Fabio Quartaro VIII and in difficulty with the wet asphalt.

11:37 am – Dovizioso’s latest release

this will be The last race of his career with Andrea Dovizioso Who decided to leave in front of his old friends and at the track where I won the first race in 125.

10:35 a.m. – Where do you see it on TV

The Misano MotoGp Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for 2pm It will be visible exclusively on Sky Sport MotoGp (Channel 208), Sky Sports 1 (201) and Free-to-air on Tv8 (streaming on SkyGo and Now tv).

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