Basketball in Varese is growing: the offense is good, the defense is still under review. Caruso is an extra man

It should have been the answer and the answer. The Memorial Bruzenelli Trento had to leave the first real indicators on the new indicator Basketball Varese 2022/2023 So it happened. against two competitors who will be direct competitors for the red and white seasonal goals, Redemption and liquidationTeam Coach Matt Brass Show part of those qualities and characteristics of the new red and white basketball philosophy.

The final balance is more than positive: Victory with Verona And who, for the record, won Naples In the final for fourth place third e Defeat with Trentoafter dominating the match for 30 minutes, led the pace and intensity of the match with a team aiming for a playoff spot.

offensive phase

What definitely stands out is the effectiveness of the attack phase of the new red and white tactical scheme, especially in relation to the influence of the OJM outsiders: Woldetensae e Johnson They are already strong leaders of the new red and white cycle. If there is any doubt about the number 92, given the curriculum and above all technical and leadership qualities, come on Thomas The sudden growth in these first weeks is impressive, not only on a technical level, as he developed excellent iron penetration and reach, as well as tactical ability, the red and white defense accelerator and the irreplaceable offensive allowance ring. with them too Russians In the opposing half, he began to show all his qualities as a great striker, not only with the three-point shot, but also with iron penetrations and pick-and-roll, the team’s new emblem. Not only dots but also help at Lakes University Pepperdine, 8 with Verona and 6 with Trento. Lights and shadows instead Markel Brown, which has run sporadically so far. Very good with Verona, in a match that ended as champion With a score of 17 points And many other good things, especially in terms of spinning the ball, in the shade instead of Dolomiti Energia, in a closed match with 3 points and very few ideas. An offensive maneuver that seems to work very well, and manages to engage even those entering from the bench, such as Captain Ferrero, with ease in the context of this running and shooting in the first seconds of the event, which closed yesterday at 9 points, with 3 out of 4 from the three-point field. The only drawback is the attack on the spread defense, Varese still struggling to find clean solutions but with an entry Owens This should improve.


If the red and white square in the opposite half progress quickly, there are still many changes and improvements to be made. Lots of points awarded to opponents so far, it was Cagliari (Average suffered 103.5), I 100 Lombardy In a dry match with Olympia in Desio and 86.5 From Brusinelli Memorial media, 84 against Verona and 89 against the host of Trento. too much me Give 53 points To Tezenis in the first two quarters of the first semi-final of the Trentino tournament. From there, the target, even against Dolomiti Energia, became a contemporary of the opponent. Mission accomplished for 30 minutes, even Trento shut down on its own scored 38 points At the end of the first two quarters and 64 at 30 minutes, before then spreading out in the last period, causing the physical decline of OJM still with short cycles. However, the intensity and tactility shown in the three quarters of last night’s game is the best example of what OJM is willing to bring to the field. Tactical plan from which it all beginsChallenge Intensity 1vs1 It is the ability of red and white Close the areaCompensating for underweight and body with Altetlism.

Karuso for screaming

The Memorial Bruzenelli The thousandth confirmation, double, of the moment of great growth of the hub arrived from Campania, a real man more than red and white at the start of the season. Tonic, athletic, concentrated in the tactical approach Coach Matt Brass And above all very effective on both sides of the field. Karuso He really looks like he’s buying more than this Basketball Varese who, despite his suffering from Owens’ absence, found in the tall blue a very worthy alternative, and who boasted of all those qualities which he could not finally show, because of his many flaws and injuries that repeatedly hindered him, never let him get in shape. Above all, with Verona and with Trento, he has shown that he can play a starting role in it league. With the Bianconeri, it held up very well in comparison Atkins e nice manwhich brought physical and structural strength in defense and rise to the number one danger for coach Laila Mullen’s defense, and concluded the match with 20 points and 9 rebounds. The numbers are constantly growing and which goes hand in hand with Caruso’s performance, able to accumulate many useful and valuable things over the course of 40 minutes that go beyond mere stats and that bode well for the start of the tournament.

Alessandro Boren