Basketball, the official show of Jovikazarta at the Paravano Theater | Appiapolis

fort – Presentation of individual players and members of the Juvecaserta crew, of projects in progress, including in the social field, illustration of the image of the campaign of season tickets and the framework agreement signed with the Royal Palace of Caserta and the State Institute of San Leucio: these were the topics addressed during the meeting held at the prestigious venue The Costantino Paravano Theater in Caserta for the participation of the masses and the city begins the new adventure of Juventus in the National Basketball Association. Conducted by Yolanda de Renzo, the well-known face of sports programs on the Sportitalia TV channel, the evening opened with the intervention of Mayor Carlo Marino who brought the city’s salute, recalling the role Juvecaserta played in the history of Caserta, also stopping the programs implemented by the municipal administration in the field of sports facilities. The players, who were called individually, the technical, medical and administrative staff gathered on the stage. Goals, impressions, the relationship with the fans and the city were the subject of questions addressed by the host to sporting director Nando Gentile, coach Sergio Luis, captain Biagio Sergio and the players Mastroianni, Drego and Mi. At the end of the short conversation, the new game uniform made by the world’s most prestigious brand, Adidas, was presented this year. And it was Captain Biagio Sergio who showed it, and gave one to Jolanda de Renzo. Gianfranco Maggio, president of the 1991 Italian title-winning club Ufficaserta and champion of several national and European finals, was called up on the stage, after the team regained its place in the stalls. Therefore, President Farinaro intervened to clarify the company’s project that he wants to be a point of reference not only in the sports field, but also in the social field, convinced of the importance of the fundamental values ​​of sport in the training of young people; A reference that also extends to the regional level as evidenced by the collaboration with IPM in Nisida, represented in the audience by director Gianluca Guida and in the presence of Juventus at the next opening of a multi-purpose sports stadium built by Uisp Campania in the green Caifano Park in the province of Naples. Added to this is a whole series of collaborations that have already started with some schools in the capital – represented in the public by heads of institutes and student representation – but will also extend to other educational institutions. Boscia Tanjevic’s visual message was particularly well received, emphasizing the strong bond that has always characterized the relationship between the famous Montenegrin artist and the city that welcomed him in the 1980s in which he was able to create the “Miracle of Caserta”. That period was also the subject of the intervention of Gianfranco Magic, President of Juventus Scudetta, who intended to restore the commitment made by his father Giovanni and his sister Ornella without neglecting the silent contribution of his mother Maria. Then a student from Liceo Statale di San Leucio took to the stage and unveiled the claim and image of the season ticket campaign, obtained from a digital reinterpretation of the famous painting by JP Hackert “Harvest in San Leucio”, shown in the studio of Ferdinand IV at the Royal Palace in Caserta. Image reformatted on computer by prof. Francesco Capasso with students of Liceo Artistico. This was also the subject of interviews given by Francesco De Luca, President of the Sports Editorial Board of “Il Mattino” to the Director of Reggia vanvitelliana, arch. Tiziana Maffei, same professor. Francesco Capasso, general manager of Juventus, Andrea Di Nino and lawyer. Gennaro Iannotti represents Juventus fans. After Jolanda Di Renzo closed, the evening was a beautiful extension outside the stage with the Juventus players who stayed in for a friendly chat with their supporters.