Brindisi, Solidarity Bath: In Martina’s technical tests for the First Division

BRINDISI – From closed doors at PalaMangano in Scafati for reasons of survival, to opening PalaWojtyla in Martina Franca, not only in honor of the owner of the Martina sports facility, but because of the last race of before the start of the Happy Casa Brindisi season, everything will be in the name of solidarity, and requires the utmost Some attendance and it would be useful to check the state of readiness by meeting the new player from Campania again in another southern derby.
Next Sunday will be the last without basketball being counted, those points that determine the National Basketball Association League A standings, in which the Brindisi team headed by Ferdinando Marino and coach Frank Vitucci is the protagonist for the eleventh year in a row. But tomorrow evening, at 6 pm, Happy House officially concludes the pre-season on the occasion of the last friendly match organized by main sponsor Happy Casa Store and sponsored by the municipality of Martina Franca.

“Four years after the last meeting in September 2018, the White and Blue team will return to stomp on the parquet floor of Palaugetilla and will do so again for a charitable cause – explained by the company -. In fact, the entire proceeds of the friendly will be allocated to the purchase of sports equipment in the public park in Via Leon XIII, a green area on the outskirts of Martina Franca. Entry to watch the match between Happy Casa Brindisi and Givova Scafati will cost 5 euros.
“I speak on behalf of the entire company when I say that we are very pleased to be able to bring to life a wonderful basketball and solidarity event at Martina Franca – said Happy Casa Store’s Marketing Director, Michel Fonta -. To make it an ideal space for neighborhood children and families, recognizing the important role that sports play in growth and socialization.” Not unlike the Sports Adviser of the Municipality of Martina Franca, Vincenzo Angelini, who thanked “the managers of New Basket Brindisi for choosing to organize the team’s last friendly match against Givova Scafati in Martina Franca, and I thank them even more – he added – for wanting to allocate the proceeds of the tender for the purchase of sports equipment to be placed in a public park.” for our municipality.I strongly believe that our city needs urban spaces increasingly equipped to allow free gymnastics activities, so I can only be especially grateful to the company for having decided to contribute, with such a noble gesture, to the realization of this goal.It will be a competition of a high technical level, nor Sima is from the heart, and I am sure that our city, which also houses the main sponsor Happy Casa Store, will be able to respond in the best possible way.”

“Great technical level.” And that’s right, because coach Vitucci who saw in Scafati that he was especially battling and able to recover a big gap in points since then had to lay off some athletes, and saw others with some drop in performance and tomorrow’s meeting is indeed the last useful exercise above all, Let’s see at what point we are grasping with technical indicators, and last but not least, also to determine the group’s physical conditions.
Burnell missed the last prep race for the sprain and has been training regularly these days. Dixon is still making mixed preparations, which is why tomorrow’s game should not be, preferring the coach to return for the match in Verona. In palaPentassuglia, these days we have experienced a calm environment. Martina is anticipating another multi-point test by Reed, Bowman and Perkins. It is true that we do not play for the colon, but the test is just as important and will be noticed by onlookers.