Bruno Arena before Fichi d’India: Basketball coach and professor at Varese. On social media, his teams remember him: “Farewell, coach.”

Bruno Arena before Fichi d’India: Basketball coach and professor at Varese.  On social media, his teams remember him: “Farewell, coach.”

We’ve known him about his career as a comedian and as an actor, so he’s unmistakable.”Amici Ahrarara “became the trademark of prickly pear and his long artistic association with it Max Cavallari. Bruno Arena died yesterday, he was 65 and had been sick for nine years, had a cerebral labor for which he had to … Read more

LBA ITALIAN SUPERCUP – Honor Roll 1995 to 2022

The Italian Super Cup for men’s basketball was established in 1995, and originally saw the Italian champions, that is, the Italian Serie A winners, and the Italian Cup winners. The competition was expanded to include four teams starting with the 2014 edition, to include the finalists of the Serie A Championship and the final of … Read more

a job. Varese Basketball Tournament begins: Sassari arrives, watch out for Bendezius

Finally we start again. After so many months of waiting since the last official match now on May 8 which he curiously saw Varese committed at home against sassari (Finished 96 to 110 unrelated matches for the Red and White Championship), restart the Italian league and start the history of Openjobmetis again from Sassari. Varese … Read more

A1 Female – Rare Venezia: Presented by Coeure and Sheppard

Yesterday morning, the two new Umana Reyer Venezia women’s players, Awak Kuier and Jessica Shepard, were introduced at Taliercio. Their data is listed below. you are a queer I’m very happy. For a long time I looked at the Omana Reer as one of the teams I wanted to play for. I feel very fortunate … Read more

Serie B – Virtus Imola: Official signature of winger Claudio Tomasini

Virtus Imola is pleased to announce the agreement reached with Claudio Tomasini for the 2022/2023 season. Bolognese playmaker, born in 1991, Tomasini is a player of the highest caliber in this category, after many years behind him on the top floor, as well as experience in A1 with Juventus. At 197 cm tall, he is … Read more

Real connection while dragging

After Olympia Milano Virtus from Supercoppa Controversy over Baron Mickey’s call at 3” of the sirens holding the ground. Three liberties were granted by the trio of referee, then former FIP referee Silvio Correas, with former also taking over as referee coach and head of the technical sector in the same association. The comparison is … Read more

Siri B – First stop of Legnano Knights in Piombino

The first batch of the regular season is about to be lifted and no one wants to be unprepared. Legnano’s season begins in Piombino, a game away from home that keeps many risks for coach Aliantonio’s players. After performing well in the Super Cup, especially for the Knights and to reach the fourth final, both … Read more

Basketball, Super Cup: Virtus mocks Milan in extra time: The final will be with Sassari flexing on Tortona

they will be Bologna power e sassari To compete on Thursday (8.45 p.m.) for the Super Cup, the first seasonal designation for Italian basketball. In Brescia, “Vu Nere” took partial revenge onOlympia Milanwho had defeated them in the tournament final by beating them 72-64 in overtime. But in the other semi-final, Sassari beat my fight … Read more

How to get yourself out of Eurosport, Nove, DMAX, Eleven Sports and… DAZN! Complete Guide – OA Sport

A revolutionary season: This is how it can be defined, at least on a television level, that the first division is about to begin. In fact, the basketball jigsaw on TV has changed quite a bit compared to the past few seasons. In the next three years, Eleven Sports, Eurosport, DMAX and Nove will split … Read more

Ravenna, Lewis introduces himself: “I can’t wait to start the tournament”

The new American film of Oraso Ravenna, Wendell Lewis, who arrived in Italy and joined the group for two weeks, was presented this morning, Wednesday, September 28, at the Balacosta Stadium. The introduction was entrusted to Ravenna Basketball General Manager, Giorgio Botaro, who said: “The Central American search was difficult, as we were looking for … Read more