Where to see Empoli Milan, TV and streaming: all solutions

Where to see Empoli Milan, TV and streaming: all solutions

Where to see Empoli Milan – Back league Approach. After the national teams rest, Milan Pioli will waitEmpoli A trip not to be underestimated. After losing to San Siro Naples, the Rossoneri is called to respond and send a signal. You will find Pioli again Lionwhose absence was decisive in the last challenge. On the … Read more

Giorgio Rotolo, the coach who brought Stresa to D, has died of a tumor

Giorgio Rotolo, the coach who brought Stresa to D, has died of a tumor

FIFA disappeared at the age of 54, and invited him as a speaker to a training session for technicians: “I have no secret, what happened to me can happen to anyone. But football gives me strength, I felt great on the field “ “Yes, I am afraid of death. And what can I do? I … Read more

Where to see Napoli Turin: Sky or Dazen?

Where to see Napoli Turin: Sky or Dazen?

Where to see Naples Turin – Naples e Turin They will face each other Saturday 1 October in raw 15:00 mark day eight From TIM Serie A 2022-2023 In the field Diego Armando Maradona Naples. Seasonal goal for Naples Looks like he’s confirming again this year Qualification in Champions League. If the difference is like … Read more

Seven ‘lowest cost’ players to relaunch in fantasy football (and trade-offs) after the break – SOS Fanta

On September 29, 2022 at 9:30 pm The break for the teams is about to end, and we are preparing to return to the field. After the break for the teams, there are some players who need to be refreshed. Some of them come back from their injuries. One name above all: Domenico Berardi. The … Read more

Inter, Lukaku above Roma can also skip Barcelona

The Nerazzurri are risking playing the match against the Blaugrana, crucial to the Champions League group without the number 90, still struggling to recover from a hamstring injury. Another missed opportunity, once again. For the fifth time in a row in the league, for the seventh game of the season. No Rome then. Even Barcelona … Read more

Trentalange vs Sarri: ‘Unacceptable, we are not the mafia’

Sarri’s anger after Lazio and Napoli leads to AIA president’s reaction, angry to say the least with Biancoceleste coach It’s already officially a complicated season for referees leagueEven after only seven days. But it is a difficult start that has already recorded many mistakes and many controversies, with Juventus Salernitana This was just the tip … Read more

Inter, what does not work in Simone Inzaghi’s team

Inter’s difficulties at the start of the season were demonstrated by three defeats in the league, against Lazio, Milan and Udinese, and above all by the three goals conceded on these occasions. Receiving several goals in Italy always raises alarm bells, but to analyze the problems of Inzaghi’s Inter it is not enough to focus … Read more

It’s not a hypothesis, there is data

Journalist Paola Ferrari knows the whole truth about Francesco Totti and Elari Blasi and reveals it live: “I was somehow, I don’t say a witness, but I saw some moments.” Then a quarrel broke out in the studio. Francesco Totti It is celebrated around midnight between Monday and Tuesday His birthday is in a restaurant … Read more

“Boksic was the most exciting purchase. Ronaldo finished, but then…”

TUTTOmercatoWEB.com © Photo by Federico Gaetano to microphones New volume level In Francesco Scarselli’s transmission, interference Sergio CragnottiThe historic president of Lazio, who spoke about budgets, not buying Ronaldo, the arrival of Boksic, Nedved and the Flaminio stadium: “Something I will never do again? Of course, not all cakes come with a slot, maybe I … Read more

Conte and Tottenham pounced between the blue goalkeeper and Juventus

for every Donnarummaafter performing against Hungary I finally capitalized it and at the levels I liked during Euro 2020 (When he was elected player of the tournament), the qualities in after a day they got lost. Giant, exhilarating, formidable. The technique and mentality that Gigio was able to demonstrate on the pitch, in the blue … Read more