“Criticism? I don’t understand them. About JORGENSEN and the scouts…”

Former CEO Pietro Lo Monaco Today on Firenzeviola Radio she spoke about issues related to Fiorentina, calling for patience: “For sure Fiorentina had a difficult start, but I do not understand and cannot understand the pessimism and criticism from various quarters. Fiorentina is qualifying in some European competitions, and then improving last year. He has a good team. , unfortunately there are no players who need time to express themselves at their best. They may have taken players who have been suspended for some time and have to wait hurt Fiorentina, but it is undeniable that the work of the club and the coach is good.”

How would you rate new purchases?
“Dudou is a good player, in his role when he is good, he can be important. Jovic has to wait for him: he seems to be in poor shape and has problems adapting to our league. Mandragora has come from a great season and is just waiting to play in his role. Perhaps the thinking was about Amrabat As a midfielder is a bit risky: he’s a good player, but doesn’t have enough time to manage the match. On the other hand, he was born a winger in attack, then slowly turned slowly but the best position is mezzala. When you have Mandragora and Castrovelli and all the others, then bye It is a team that can express excellent football. We have to wait, unfortunately, in our football patience is optional and the communication has changed: everyone speaks and the sentences are thrown out.”

Is the team better than last year today?
“You have to think about the players in their full position: in this case it is an excellent team. We always keep in mind that this is not the best league in the world, but certainly the most difficult.”

How much time does Jovic give?
“If Prandelli didn’t take the bull by the horns and didn’t throw Vlahovic despite a poor performance, we might never have seen his talent. That’s why I say that Jovic should be given continuity and confidence. But also Mandragora: if you always change his role. It won’t 100% come true” .

What do you expect from the winter market?
“The long break also makes up for it. We’ll have to adapt. It’s time to go and check for shortcomings and some players around the world. There are good players.”

What do you think about exploring Fiorentina in modern times?
“I think badly, because applications and algorithms win us. Players have to be watched live, TV never allows you to understand the movements of the players. I remember when I discovered Jorgensen, to me like a son: I remember that I followed the Scandinavian Cup in Cyprus and saw one gesture, coordinated in a way Extraordinary I focused on it, the same night I went to his hotel and found that by June it would be free. The next day I took it, and resold it some years later to $15 billion.”

How much does an executive weigh to be accountable to someone?
“The manager must take responsibility for what he does. I had a great contract in Genoa but after 37 days I left because I didn’t have enough freedom.”