Dinamo Sassari, a mentality that makes up for the absences: Head now to the Super Cup

Being able to defy difficulties both on and off the field is one of the first goals a manager puts on his wish-list when building a team. Advance of dynamo sasari From Piero Bocchi It ended after nearly a month of intense work which was split between Oristano, Sassari and Cagliari and closed by the trip to France, also useful for recognizing long trips. And the results with two second places it’s a Primo In the pre-season tournaments, but above all the situation, a check mark can be placed in the menu next to the intended purpose, although a problem absence It can lead you to only look at a vacuum cup that is half full.


He told our coach’s microphones bokshi After the victory over Milan that gave victory to Sasari in the twelfth The city of Cagliari. Extending quality minutes was the goal that was achieved in France’s away game. Do it with shorter courses in the French Championship forRegions CupWith Gentile’s absence added to the initial absences of Robinson, Jones, Devecchi and Treier, it should have been more complicated on paper. Instead, Sassari showed, especially early in the evening, that he can keep up his game in the attacking half but also in the defensive readings. Against Gravelines, the team was the protagonist in a fantastic shooting test, over 60% of the field plus 25 assists at the end of the game, with Bendisios who once again proved that he can be the decisive player in raising the level of the team. In the final match I played against Paris The level rose again against a team that at times showed, despite Toban’s absence, why he would play in the European Cup. Sassari’s fatigue has highlighted some of the lingering timing issues with defensive performances in picking an opponent, while a trio of under-referees have put a strain on the team’s nerves. However, Dynamo stayed there, managing to make an extra slip in some situations and finding plenty first from Dowe, then from Kruslin and Diop, and although Onwako didn’t shine, they were able to touch the victory too thanks to the contribution. of players like chisa and for the young man pisano. In overtime, the playoffs ended quickly, but Sassari made his presence felt and when work resumes scheduled on Tuesday he will be able to start preparing for the first official match of the season with certainty.


The semi-finals in Super Cup Reverse Tortona September 28 is now on the horizon. The return of at least the Americans Robinson and Jones in addition to the return of pagans, they are the hope of the week and a half of work that will wait for the biancoblù before flying to Brescia, the home of the event that anticipates the start of the tournament. Delaying the case and working together could see the dynamo peak in longer time frames than expected. However, the biggest issue may be the lack of match pace of the players being left out more than the real characteristics of the two. Robinson He showed that he is able in a short time to adapt to the characteristics of the long period in which he will build the backbone of the team, while what has been seen in the tournaments played, with a good ability to free up space on the arc shown above. All in the corners, it can help Jones To break into faster and have an almost instantaneous offensive effect. However, everything remains on paper, with only the field able to determine the days needed to find the final amalgam. Among those who were always available, the tournament in France made it clear again Bendisios e Croslin They can find the answers thanks to their experience and personality, while deaf He got his form again, despite some empty passes late in the evening due to fatigue. Unwako It will probably still be a factor, even if it has to solve some problems from the point of view of bugs that were spent very quickly both nights. A situation that allowed Diop to signal his growth, even if there was still room for improvement for a bounce. Finally, I mention a supervisor to those who love chisa e Gandhini They will have less space in the season, but also for Raspino – Best against Gravelines – and above all pisanowho despite being only 17 has shown that he knows how to take a chance with character and desire to show off.

Matthew Cardia