Ducati: “Ban on the landing gear, poor fairness”

Ducati technical director David Parana says the 2023 ban on the use of front elevation adjusters in MotoGP “wasn’t a fair show of justice” from its rivals.

Height adjusters hit the MotoGP grid in 2018, when Ducati introduced a tailgate setup to the Ducati Pramac Jack Miller To help leave. The following year, this turned into a device capable of lowering the Ducati’s rear during riding, before evolving into a similarly usable front elevation device.

The ongoing development of ride height adjusters has raised safety concerns among teams and riders, to the point that MotoGP decided to ban front ride height adjusters starting in the 2023 season. The Aragon Grand Prix, however, says the brand remains furious with the decision, which it considers as if its rivals simply asked for a ban Something they couldn’t develop properly.

When asked about banning the use of reduction devices in 2023, Parana said: “I don’t like to talk much about this subject because of what happened with these devices. We were the first to enter the first system to leave, for launch procedures. The others followed. We developed the second stage of the system, which It was a dynamic system that allowed the bike to be lowered while it was running. And again, others followed. The next step was to expand that functionality to the front of the bike, and at one point someone made a suggestion to ban this type of device.”

Jack Miller, Ducati Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / motorsports pictures

Paraná continues: “It was clear that this machine was already in use by one manufacturer (Ducati) and at one point Ducati told other manufacturers ‘we are using this type of machine, which you will want to ban.'” Five out of six manufacturers I decided to ban it. I would say the five manufacturers simply exercised their rights, and that was all covered by the regulation. But looking at this story, I can say it’s not good evidence of fairness at all, because instead of trying to catch up with your bike’s development, it’s much easier to ban Something that only one person owns.”

The safety of the height adjusters was again called into question after the Aragon GP last weekend, when a collision occurred between them Marc Marquez e Takaaki Nakagami to a motorcycle wreck from Fabio Quartararo Yet another accident hit the Marquis’ rear device when he was inserted. Jack Miller, a Ducati Factory rider, denied the accusation, saying “these things happen” when riders bump into each other.

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