Eight young talents join the first Lions team

Benetton Rugby is pleased to announce the addition of 8 young talents to the squad. The latter, together with the athletes already announced at the Federal Academy U20 / U23, will feed the “green line” of the Treviso franchise by joining in all respects the training led by coach Marco Bortolami.

“We are pleased to formalize our ‘Academy Players’ group that has already started in recent weeks playing pre-season with our first team. These are 8 young athletes on the podium, ready to show off their undoubted qualities and who will continue to train in Giardia throughout the season. At the same time, together with FIR, we are working on a formula that will allow them to continue their growth path, ensuring continuity of performance ” Benetton Rugby general manager Antonio Pavanello explains.

The eight athletes, who are already in the youth orbit and senior national teams, are:

  • Manfredi Albanese
  • Manuel Arroyo
  • Enzo Avaka
  • Giuliano Avaka
  • Alessandro Izecor
  • Matthew Migiato
  • Dewey Passarella
  • Nicola Pintella

Albanian Manfredi – Half Scrum

Birthdate: 07/25/2001
Birthplace: Rome
Height: 170 cm
Weights: 78 kg

Manfredi Albanese, 170 cm tall and 78 kg, started playing in Lazio rugby at the age of six, and from that day he wore the blue and white shirt until the 2020 season, when he transferred to Rugby Calvisano. With Lazio, he collected 17 matches in the Super 10 in the biennium from 2018 to 2020. Manfredi also attended the Zonali Academy in Rome for two years, and in the meantime he played for all the national teams in the category (under 17, 18, 20), including Seven U18. In the last two seasons, he played for rugby Calvisano, where he participated in 31 matches, punctuated by five goals and several specific places, with a total of exactly 52 points in his two years in Lombardy. Furthermore, Albanese has worn the national under-20 team shirt in the 2021 and 2022 Six Nations Championships, with 8 participations and 11 points overall. Not only that, Albanese has ruled out the fancy of donning the budding national team shirt on one occasion in the summer of 2022, he also made his Maggiore debut. Two matches in the summer round against Romania and Portugal. Albanese is one of the most promising number nine companies internationally. Scrum and gaming rhythm management, as well as unexpected speed, these are the strengths of Manfredi Rugby’s baggage.

Enzo Avaka – tower / column

Birthdate: 06/12/2000
Birthplace: Cordoba (ARG)
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 118 kg

Growing up at Tala RC in Córdoba, with whom he played in the Argentine National Championship, Enzo was part of the expanded squad for the U20 national team. He arrived in Colorno Rugby in January 2019 and was immediately shown, then was included in the list of thirty-five athletes selected to be part of the “Ivan Francescato” National Academy during the 2019/2020 competitive season. Pylon which prefers the right side of the scrum header, has a rocky build that makes it an excellent scrum element and a good ball carrier. Last June, Enzo was part of the Jaguares XV group participating in the US Tour.

Giuliano Avaka Opening the defensive mediator

Birthdate: 02/25/2003
Birthplace: Cordoba (ARG)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 89 kg

Giuliano, like his older brother Enzo, was raised and played for Tala Rugby Club in Cordoba, Argentina. A fast-paced opening midfielder with a skilled footworker, he competed in the Pumitas Summer Tour of the Oceania Under 20 Championship last May. For him, the green and white jersey will be his first experience in Europe.

Manuel Arroyo – Hooker

Birthdate: 07/06/2002
Birthplace: Mendoza (ARG)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 106 kg

Raised at Los Tordos rugby club in Mendoza, he was captain of both the U17 and U19 picks until his first-team debut last season. Manuel was also part of the Argentina under-18 squad in the 2019/2020 season and the Pumitas U20 with whom he played in the Oceania Rugby Cup in Australia this summer. Among his main skills, Arroyo has good touch throwing, along with toughness in melee and great ball-carrying skills.

Alessandro Izcor The third line

Birthdate: 03/05/2000
Birthplace: Brescia
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Number of matches: 3 players permit

Alessandro Izecor, a young physical organist and technician, was born in Brescia on March 5, 2000 to Nigerian parents. 196 cm x 110 kg, third line and adaptable to second line when needed, he started playing rugby at the age of ten in the youth clubs of his hometown club. Until the age of 16, he alternated between his appearances between Brescia and Ospitaletto, then in the summer of 2019 he made his debut in the top 10 with the Calvisano shirt that has so far collected 46 matches, between the National Championship and the Challenge Cup, he also distinguishes himself due to Metaman’s excellent instinct considering the 19 goals which he recorded. Izekor was also part of Italy’s U20 team during the 2020 Six Nations Championship and was part of the junior national team’s expedition in 2021 and 2022. In the summer of 2022, he also wore the national jersey on two occasions and scored a goal. The former Calvisano had previously collected 3 international matches with the Lions during the 2021/2022 season, in which he showed many flashes of his talent in rugby, and landed in Ghiradah to support the green and white team, devoid of many of the elements that were involved. nationally. Strong in defense and agile in open play, Izekor is one of the Italian wingers on the launch pad.

Matthew Migiato The third line

Birthdate: 10/12/2001
Birthplace: Padova
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 102 kg

Number of matches: 5 players permit

Born in Padua, Matteo is a fragrance with interesting characteristics. Born on December 10, 2001 in Padua, and weaned on bread and rugby inspired by David Pocock’s caliber sacred beast, Migiato has his power to tackle. He played in Cus Padova Rugby, at the Ivan Francescato National Academy and passed through the permanent training center in Treviso. For him, some spent with Italy under-18s and in 2020 he took part in the U-20 Six Nations, wearing the Azzurri jersey on two occasions. Del Mogliano Rugby, unfortunately last year was suspended due to a physical problem, but returned in August 2021 and took the opportunity as a player for Benetton Rugby in the season that is about to end. He collected 6 matches in the United Rugby Championship, highlighting his strong defensive and offensive skills, as a winger who has an excellent opportunity to impose himself in the future in the Lions shirt. He also made his debut in the summer of 2022 with the junior national team in the Test against the Netherlands.

Dewey Passarella – center

Birthdate: 08/30/2003
Birthplace: Merano
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 102 kg

Born in Merano (Venice) and educated in 2003, Dewi Passarella got close to the rugby world on his debut with the Riviera U-10 rugby team. With a height of 190 cm and 102 kg, he began to appear in less than 14 years, collecting several calls to anthologies of the Veneto Regional Committee. Burst in the under-16 in the role of second place. His technical skills, determination and then devastating physique led to him being selected in 2019 among the top national talents of the Treviso Training Centre. Weaned from CDFP Treviso, he last season wore a Rugby Tarvisium shirt and was widely noted during the Six Nations Under 20 tournament in 2022. He was a pillar of Italy in the category winning three out of five matches, playing all minutes of all five matches. Both are first and second. In addition, in the summer U-20 series, which was played in Monego, he played four times, scoring two goals.

Nicola Pintella – second line

Date of Birth: 3/28/2001
Birthplace: Bassano del Grappa
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Number of matches: 5 players permit

Piantella has a careless physique, born on March 28, 2001 in Bassano del Grappa is one of the best national prospects in regards to a second line role. Also adaptable as a release, the 2001 class grew up in Rangers Rugby Vicenza and attended the National Under-20 Academy. In the spring of 2021 Piantella was also invited to train with the first green and white team, persuading the Lions’ technical team to debut in Guinness PRO14 against Monster and Glasgow Warriors . In the summer of 2021, he then collected four international matches in the Six Nations Under-20 Championship, and in 2021/22, there were 4 matches in the United Rugby League in the lions shirt, and scored one goal. He has a lot of room to grow, but in his year and a half at Piantella he has shown promising qualities in touch, open play, tackle and tackle. Additionally, to add to his rugby baggage a presence with the budding national team and also with Team A.