Espargaro: “I felt pressure in the middle of the season”

The Aprilia rider, a recent third-place finisher at Aragon and a re-launch in the standings, admitted he felt pressure mid-season but overcame that moment and was much calmer.

After a period of fog in the middle of the season, Alex Espargari was able to re-appear at the last Aragon Grand Prix when he was able to skip the third step of the podium at the end of the race as surprisingly he was Brad Binder To give him a hard time.

Although the Aprilia rider’s weekend started off the worst with two crashes on Friday, Alex was able not to flood the events and make the most of the help she provided. Fabio Quartararo In the race to significantly reduce the gap in the standings of the world champion Yamaha.

Espargari, today, is 17 points behind the Frenchman and wants to ride the positive trend that has resumed in Aragon.

“It was good to be back on the podium, it gave me a good boost of confidence. Finishing on the podium after two falls on Friday, after a group fight, was a great thing. I’m really happy.”

The Spaniard admitted during the press conference that he had been under pressure throughout the season when he was considered one of the possible candidates for the title. However, Alex also admitted that he changed his approach after experiencing boring weekends.

“At the middle of the season, when I started going to the podium regularly, I started to feel pressure because I knew there was a possibility to fight for the title. I am now much more relaxed, enjoying a lot this year, both privately and on the track. It is a special year that I will never forget. Start “.

Alex Espargaro, Aprilia Racing

Photography: Dorna

After two years of absence, MotoGP will be back on track at Motegi this weekend and there will be many unknowns that the First Class riders will have to contend with.

However, the Aprilia rider didn’t say he was worried and admitted that it would be very helpful to cut lap times and he wouldn’t have the same difficulties he had last time, and could come from the takedown.

“I checked the 2019 data and it was way off due to the slip. However, with the lowering we will be able to use our power a lot more and the time will be reduced. I think we will be able to use it up to 5 times in one lap, and it will be complicated for us riders.”

“I, however, am not too worried. Motegi is the track I love and even if we don’t turn around for a long time, anything can happen.”

Then Alex wanted to deny those who referred to him as the favorite to win the race thanks to his great experience.

“I don’t think it will depend much. I watched the 2019 race and at that time Fabio had an exceptional race. Here, we all rode even if we were in other classes, but a lot of things have changed from 2019 to today, from the tires to the aerodynamic.”

Alex Espargaro, Aprilia Racing Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / motorsports pictures

Then Espargari spoke of the Aragon GP champion, Enea Bastianini. The Aprilia rider recognized the qualities of future teammate Pecco Bagnaia and underlined how complex Ducati is currently taking a step towards enforcing ‘team orders’.

“He has top speed and he has proven it in Misano and Aragon. But for Ducati, it will not be easy to understand what to do. He can probably still fight for the title, he is very fast, but 48 points to recover in 5 races is not a little” .

Before taking time off from the press, Alex admitted he still didn’t want to take excessive risks in an effort to narrow the ranking gap from Quartararo.

“I’m seventeen points behind and if I want to recover I have to risk something. However, I don’t think it’s the right time, I’ll have to wait. Anyway, it’s an assessment made on the basis of race. There are 125 points at stake and the road is still long”.

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