Exclusive TJ – Gigi Delneri: “Allegri will find countermeasures as in 2015/2016, Bonucci will be more valuable. I bet Vlahovi, Milik is the hit of the market”

“It’s definitely a sensitive period, high expectations have come in and the results haven’t come. But Juventus have always been strong and I’m sure they will be able to rise from this moment on.” Thoughts and words Luigi Delnery, The former Juventus coach in the 2010/11 season, who, exclusively to TuttoJuve.com mics, expressed his opinion on Juventus and beyond:

And Massimiliano Allegri ended up in the dock again. Did you expect it?

“Of course, when the results do not arrive, the first on trial is the coach. However, Massimiliano is not a beginner and knows the environment well. He is pragmatic and successful, in Europe he did a good job. He will be able to find the appropriate countermeasures to overcome this period in a great way, Just as he did with that tournament he won in 2015/16. No one bet on him after the defeat against Sassuolo.”

Even in that period, effectively, there was talk of relieving the coach.

“He was able to come back to the top with work and continuity. Even the following year, at some point, there was a moment when things didn’t go well. I remember he changed his form and adapted Mandzukic to go abroad. Juventus recovered and were one step out of the Champions League. Europe “.

What are the causes of this crisis? Why did Juventus perform worse than last year?

“Obviously, only those who live in the environment can answer, I can limit myself to expressing my opinion about the feelings outside. In football, these moments can happen, Juventus is a team that has changed a lot in the summer and still managed to find the right harmony. Injuries are never highlighted by many, but it is not easy to do without Pogba, Keza and many other players at this time of the season. This club, regardless, should win. And when he does not, the fans are not happy at all.”

There have never been easy times even in your management, how does a coach go through moments like these when things don’t go well?

“You don’t live well, but you have to be ready to respond and find the right solutions right away. It happened to me in the second round, because of injuries to Quagliarella, Iaquinta, De Sigli and Martinez, the team had good results. It was an easy situation, you made many youngsters Like Sorensen, Buchel and Giandonato debuted and lost many points from advantageous situations. We finished seventh, that’s right, but Juventus could have finished fourth in the standings. To compare: Juventus today is stronger and full of champions.”

Are you confident that Juventus can beat the Champions League group and compete for the Scudetto?

“Of course, yes, the match ends only when the referee blows the whistle. As long as the math doesn’t condemn it, Juventus runs on all fronts. I have faith in Allegri, in his work, in the fact that he will find all the players who are injured now and turn things around. Plus he throws young players , something that never happened in the last step.”

You already mentioned the youth speech, but is today’s speech suitable for Juventus?

“They will prove it, but it will take time and patience. Like all young people, even those fired by Massimiliano will have ups and downs. It empowers them, this is very important. For me, he does a very good job, I think during training he is much superior to them. Even in this way he tries to solve the problems “.

How important is a character like Leonardo Bonucci to Allegri at such a moment?

“Everyone knows the other’s flaws, but I don’t know what the dynamics are inside the locker room. As far as I know it’s an added value, like Chiellini, Buffon and Del Piero. Regardless of whether you play or not, a coach always needs one of his experience. I can give an example. On Prampaty, who is still working in the world of football today, and who, although he never played, has proven to be key to winning the third division with Ternana.

We bet on it Vlahovic Will he score more than 20 goals this year?

“Yes, a striker of his caliber will open up again very soon. Once again Juventus will benefit from that.”

What is the impact of the summer transfer market for Juventus 2022?

“He created an important market, because the big names like Pogba and Di Maria have arrived. The one who made a huge impact, and the success of this market, was Milik, because I see him as a beneficial purchase for this team and the striker that I love so much, he has a sense of purpose.” and adaptability. The Vlahovic striker, who was initially underestimated, could be a great duo.”

Thanks to Luigi Delneri for the courtesy and availability during this interview.