F1. De Vries and his one-of-a-kind weekend race at Monza: This hasn’t happened since 1978 – Formula 1

Nick de Vries at Monza was the first driver to race two different teams in the same weekend race since 1978. Here he is.

September 19, 2022

DrAfter participating in the FP1 of the Italian Grand Prix with Aston Martin, Nick de Vries He was expecting a quiet weekend, with an acting role that required nothing more than an episodic appearance at The Paddock Club or some engagement with the press. Instead, Alex Albon’s health issues caused de Vries to repeat “A feat that has not happened in 44 years. fancy, in fact, He was the first driver to race on the track with two teams in the same race this weekend after Harald Ertel.

ertlAustrian fromstainless steel sharpenerHe is remembered above all for his existence Rescue with other pilots Niki Lauda After the terrible crash of the Nürburgring in 1976, which effectively helped save his life. But he was also the protagonist of an unorthodox weekend two years later, namely at Monza. Most of Ertl’s career in Formula 1 has been spent struggling with definitely unexciting cars, just like The banner that was on his hands at the end of the summer of 1978.

cAs was often the case back then with smaller teams, the car was not only competitive, but not even reliable. Monzaa weekend that would later take on tragic overtones with the extremely serious accident that cost Ronnie Peterson’s life, Failed to pass the stumbling block in the pre-qualifier stageBut the racing weekend wasn’t coming to an end. there ATS was already looking for a driver To replace Jochen Maas, who was injured a few days ago. and chose it. However, Ertel was unable to qualify, but at least removed the desire to defeat his teammate, Michael Blickmollen, by half a second. His Formula 1 adventure was disappointing, but the same wasn’t true for the rest of his career. I’ve had some success in touring races before Death is only 33 years away from the runways, on a lightweight plane. His wife Vera and son Sebastian were saved, and he was not.

Ito Weekend De Vries shirt change I was Certainly more satisfying from Ertel. Benefiting from FW44’s affinity with Monza, Nick has been able to show his qualities as several teams select the squad for next year. And so, in a few days, de Vries passed From a marginal number to a major player in the drivers market. In addition to Williams herself, who in one fell swoop was able to check the skills of Nick and the shortcomings of Nicholas Latifi, the Dutch were also interested in the Alps and Alpha Tauri. There will also be De Vries at Team Enstone’s track in Hungary. Not only that: Nick has admitted to French and Dutch media that he is in contact with Helmut Marko. Thanks to a weekend that brings back distant memories of F1 that no longer exist.