F1 – End of Ferrari’s grueling season: Fire all the cartridges at Monza?

The Ferrari He wanted to be good Italian F1 GP. Saturated with red, excited crowd, centenary of the Brianza racetrack, festive costume with yellow Modena stands in full proof. There were all the elements needed for a great Sunday, and even more so because the main opponent was in seventh place after replacing the ICE.

ma Max Verstappen It was not of this view. “Cannibals” wanted to continue his winning streak. And it was. With the many returns of the season, the two-time world champion has almost put an exclamation point on a championship that could become a record. there safety car Whoever led the group to the checkered flag did not change the stalemate in the race that looked rather solid after just a few laps, when the Dutchman exploded in the exhaust F1-75 From Charles Leclerc who was unable to take off despite starting from the pole.

joys jumping horse They are exhausted in the extraordinary first place Obtained from Monegasque who was able to count on cooperation Carlos Sainz Who, having started eighteen, finished operations one step away from the platform. Prodino after a season in it Maranello It was believed, for a long time, that he could bring home laurel wreaths.

Charles Leclerc (Scuderia Ferrari F1) radiated after winning first place at the 2022 Italian GP

F1. Ferrari beyond its capabilities in Monza?

There is a suspicion that Ferrari It arrived in Lombardy with a heavy arsenal to satisfy its fans in the world championship that has already become Singapore It can be put back into history. From this view is the chief engineer Red Bull, Paul Monaghanwho is said to be convinced that rosa Outperform within friendly walls.

The 54-year-old engineer was quite vague when he talked about it after the Italian race: “No matter what I think, you’d better ask the men in the chest next door [Ferrari] If you want a specific answerBut then came the direct blow:

I suspect our neighbors, due to their history and geographical location, have invested a bit more in this race. Either they used their resources very wisely in development or they bet on a single race“.

Paul Monaghan, Chief Engineer, Oracle Red Bull Racing

Monaghan Alludes to an unasserable option that leads to a single choice Ferrari Which increased the power of the car’s engine by Leclerc At the expense of reducing the life of the payment unit itself. This is with the intention of celebrating 75 years of the manufacturer of Ferrari In front of the friendly audience and the president John Elkann.

The words of divination that allude to the afterthought: “If they want to increase their engine power a bit, they can do soThe operation, the execution of which cannot be proven, had no effect on this. Leclerc He was never in the game of victory and that SignsWith the new engine, make the most ofextra payment To climb the positions and seize the podium before safety car Finally, it seemed difficult to achieve due to the separation from George Russell.

Duel Carlos Sainz (Scuderia Ferrari) and Sergio Perez (Oracle Red Bull Racing) during the 2022 Italian Grand Prix

The Ferrari The sails are too far from Red Bull. 139 constructors’ championship weaknesses; 116 Those who Charles Leclerc pay from Max Verstappen. The numbers that are a snapshot of a season that will close soon. Very quickly if the theory Monaghan It will be confirmed.

I know that he Ferrari He had already fired all the performance cartridges in friendly territory, and this would lead to a suffering tournament final. Pain and tears for a team that has widely recognized that putting in more effort in 2022 is not fruitful.

It was straightforward Mattia Binotto To indicate that the economic and planning forces are all geared towards the next season, when Maranello He wants to appear on the starting line with a fast car, with a reliable engine (as well as high performance) and has solved all the strategic difficulties that robbed valuable points from Signs And above all Leclerc. Now comes the hard part: moving from desires to tangible facts.

author: Diego Catalano @Diegocat1977

picture: F1Scuderia Ferrari, Oracle Red Bull Racing