F1 – Performance rating: Comparative analysis gives credence to F1-75’s challenging targets

long stop for F1 After the “triple head” Belgium-Netherlands-Monza represents the perfect moment for analysis, by the official data of FIA, the level of performance expressed by the new ground effect of the individual seats from a qualitative point of view. The history of motorsports teaches us that performance alone does not guarantee success, as is abundantly illustrated Scuderia Ferrari After two-thirds of the season.

According to the predictions of many designers, the new model Concept The aerodynamics governed by Technical Regulation 2022 should have created cars at least three seconds slower than the previous generation. Engineers across all teams have been able to develop technical designs that perform better than the most optimistic expectations. Although the organizational framework offers a few degrees of freedom, team technologists have created individual benches with very different philosophies.

lines Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes They can be easily distinguished even by the less experienced public because they are the offspring of different interpretations of the new regulation. The global rankings attest to the overall work of the teams, from the technical field to operations on track to the performance of the drivers. But the project’s potential is clearly quantifiable in Saturday’s qualifying sessionswhere all operating parameters of the individual seats are maximized to reach the best position on the starting grid.

F1 Tech Revolution Has An Unexpected Winner

By limiting the scope of the analysis to the top teams, The tech sector of the galloping horse took advantage of the opportunity presented by the regulatory revolution better than anyone else. Judgment is based on a comparison of the performance achieved in the qualifying competitions in 2022 compared to the performance of last season. In his analysis FormulaUnoAnalisiTecnica Qualification courses conducted in the same weather conditions are taken into account.

So the wet qualifications of Imola, Montreal e Silverstone In addition to theseAustralia e MiamiPhases not present in the 2021 calendar a step performance F1-75 It’s enviable at least in one lap. The only seat for the historic Italian team managed to repeat a performance SF21 in several circular. In the last qualifier at Monza, Leclerc managed to set a time of less than three-tenths compared to the 2021 qualification.

Comparison of qualifying times achieved by F1-75 compared to SF-21

To fully understand the value of the work done by the technical field Maranello It is enough to compare the same exercise on the chronometer measurements of Red Bull E Mercedes.

As mentioned in the introduction, the purpose of this analysis is not to identify any title, but it does help to understand the team’s huge performance leap Ferrari. It is undeniable that my technicians jumping horse I started working on the 2022 project long in advance. The lack of competitiveness expressed in the 2020/2021 biennium convinced GES management to operate fully in the 2022 season..

It is equally important to underline that Red Bull has managed to develop a winning project despite being involved in a very tight battle with Mercedes until December of last season.. I the difference performance RB18 Compared to the individual seat that was awarded the first world title A Max Verstappen It is more visible.

This evidence is mainly due to two factors: the comparison term (RB16B, nd) was a winning car, unlike the SF21. Secondly, the RB18, in the early part of the season, had to deal with an obvious “extra weight”, which was a huge punishment, especially when the tanks were emptied.

Comparison of qualifying times achieved by the RB18 compared to the RB16B

For Mercedes, the comparison between the W13 “B” and the W12 was sometimes embarrassing. The original line of the chassis without the “bellies” known as the zero pods on the track did not repeat the exciting values ​​measured in simulations during the design phase. Since the winter tests, the Anglo-German car has shown outstanding vertical pumping (porpoisesAnd the nd) which limited its capabilities.

engineers Brackley It took half the season to stabilize the car’s behavior without running porpoises. This phenomenon was particularly influential in the qualifying setting, so the W13 “B” gap compared to the world champion is the widest compared to the other competitors.

Comparison of times achieved in qualifying by W13 “B” compared to W12

It is interesting to note that the gap in qualifying compared to last season was never less than twenty seconds.

F1. Comparative analysis gives credence to F1-75’s challenging targets

performance progress Ferrari It is more noticeable when compared to R . competitorsEd Paul E Mercedes. The following illustration in one graph shows the qualifying gaps for the Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes championships compared to last year’s time measurements, which are limited to the episodes considered.

The greater competitiveness of Mercedes and Red Bull compared to Ferrari during the 2021 season favors the Maranello team’s performance rating. Moreover, the progress Ferrari power unit It contributes significantly to the red jump in performance, as evidenced by the impressive performance of the Alfa Romeo e Hass early in the season.

Gap compared to 2021 qualifiers

Comparative analysis shows the massive progress expressed by F1-75 in proportion to competitors’ progress in some episodes where the Prancing Horse cars were little affected in 2021. in Spain The people with the last single seat of the Modenese team suffered terribly in the third sector of the circuit Barcelonaaccusing huge gaps that eliminate the flying lap in the qualifying rounds.

More obvious is the estimate of the improvement in Paul RicardThe toughest circuit this season 2021 to SF21. In the end reports the difference Average compared to last year’s qualifications. This view also provides a visualization of the great work done by the engineers of the technical field Ferrari.

Average gap compared to 2021 qualifications

The analysis mentioned in the writing does not intend to determine a ruling that differs from what the world rankings say. Success in motorsport is the logical consequence of many factors: reliability, strategies, and the talent of the drivers, to name a few. Keep in mind, if Red Bull and Verstappen dominate the world championship at scale despite the overwhelming return to the competitiveness of the Prancing Horse, the evidence in the paper underscores the value played by the men led by Christian Horner..

However, the perspective given by FormulaUnoAnalisiTecnica It is a due appreciation for the hard work done by the engineers Ferrari, on the basis of objective data. A work that deserves to be rewarded with another stage victories in the latter part of the 2022 season.

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picture: F1Scuderia Ferrari