Federer talks about retirement: ‘But I won’t be a ghost’

The champion in the press conference confirms that he will play with “friend Rafa” and then retire from the championship and tennis: “But don’t worry, I won’t be a ghost…”

Written by our reporter Federica Kochi

Roger Federer on his way to the press conference. Roger Federer is coming to the conference. An unrealistic silence falls in the boardroom at the O2 Arena as The King enters the final press conference as a professional player of his career. Stylish as usual, blue jacket and white polo shirt arrived. A sly smile, “Hello.” Ready to start. requests? no one. There is a fear of breaking the ice as it often happens, but this time more. Because this time is the last. Then the ice melts and the words begin to flow: “I confirm that I will only play twice, then I will retire from the tournament and Matteo Berrettini will take my place.” Explain to the person who asks him how he plans to act in the next few days.

with his friend Rafa

It is almost certain that the double will be with Rafa Nadal: “He and I have a rather unique relationship if you think about the great rivalry, because we respect each other, we are friends and I think that playing doubles with him would also be a beautiful message. To make it clear that there can be fights great but also great human relationships.”


“The decision to quit is up to the knee, I’ve had a great trip and now I’m ready to take another one, just as excited.” Even if it isn’t easy to give that speech, writing that farewell speech to be fed on social media. “At the beginning of the summer, when I tried to increase the level and intensity of training, I saw that things were not going. I thought that it would be enough to put in more effort, more work, but I was not progressing and confirmed that echo, the knee was still suffering. Until 2016 it was not I have any issues that require surgeries. So I can still consider myself lucky.” The decision was made during the holidays, after celebrating the 100th anniversary of Wimbledon: “On vacation I only spoke with the team and family, and on my return I began to organize all the details. This was the hardest thing. Finding the right moment, the right words. I know everyone must To stop sooner or later but when it’s your turn….”

closed in london

Which is why he wanted to close in London: “I thought for a long time what the venue would be and I think this city has represented a lot in my career between Wimbledon and the ATP Finals. And then I wanted to say hi to the crowd, with the people, with the players others, together to make it a special place.” I won’t be a ghost I’m still not sure what he’ll do next, but he won’t disappear into thin air: “I just want the fans to know I won’t be a ghost. But I don’t know what I’m going to do. Tennis has given me so much, and I can never let it go. And what am I going to do, now I must take this stage, the separation stage, and then I will decide what is best to do with it. But rest assured, I will stay around.” We are already calmer.