Female A2 – Posaclima Ponzano succeeds in a friendly match with Women APU Udine

Second friendly of the week for Posaclima Ponzano Which hosts, for the first time of the season in Palacicogna, Women’s APU Udine for coach Riga. Ponzano comes off a fine performance in Taliercio against Reyer while Udine, still decimated, has just come back from a defeat in photofinish against Vicenza.

Posaclima: Iuliano, Pellegrini, Pertile, Gobbo, Tivenius. Coach: Gambaruto.
Apu Udine women: Bovenzi, Bacchini, Pontoni, Ronchi, and Lizzi. All: Riga.

first fourth | 24-21
Audi opened the match with a bottom basket from Bovenzi, but Busaclima immediately responded with a hat-trick from Pellegrini and a player from Giuliano who put Ponzano back in the lead. Tivinius is also on the scoring list who defeated Pontoni and supports him from the left side. The result of 8 to 4 and the first time out of the match called by coach Massimo Rega, then first Tivinius and then Gobo to expand the mini-break of Posaclima that stops Udine with excellent defenses and creates transition points. A series of trips to the line for the home team which with Pertile (2/2) and Bianchi (1/2) goes up to +9 at 4’46” to play in the first quarter. Bianchi is a constant thorn in the opponent’s side: in both halves he always puts his hand.
Udine manages to find his way to the basket with Mosetti’s bomb which takes the Friulian team back to under 6 lengths (17-11). Very physical yet the game and many trips to the edge on both sides follow. From the field, Mosetti always finds the way to the basket with 4 points in a row. Pachini brings Udine back into possession with a nice basket from the bottom and ends the first quarter from 24 to 21.

second fourth | 40-43
Super partial from Udine in the second quarter opener who scored an amazing 8-2, the score above all two of the three-pointers in the open field. Bertil also joins the match with his two points, but Ronchi continues his brilliant day from over 6.75 meters and scores his 14th point. Udine put up a very aggressive defense and Busaclima couldn’t get to the basket as they did in the first part of the match. Also finally Zecchin was fired, collecting a super pass from Pertile and scoring an important hat-trick that forces coach Riga out with a score of 35 to 37. Zecchin again from 3, with other key points to form coach Gambarotto closing the first half in the wake of the Friulian from 40 to 43.

fourth third | 54-56
The fourth unlocks an excellent defense of Rosar and a basket of arrogance by Swede Tivenius, in the eighth character point. Heavy legs and intensity felt the first 20 minutes: PalaCicogna irons seemed enchanted. Mosetti opens 5′ velocity at Udine Coast to Coast against Pertile and finds +4. The retina is opened in green and white, too: a gentle movement from the back to the basket by Mioni partially gives way to Busaclima. 2+1 from Tivenius is the confirmation: a great pass from Pellegrini and the long number 7 knows he’s also got a bug.
Bovenzi, who scored 3, responded, returning advantage possession to the APU; Two more points from the Bovenzi charity group that brings the Friulian team back to +5. Super responsive Posaclima with Iuliano of 3 loading the whole team. The fourth ends from 54 to 56 for Udine.

Fourth bedroom
Pellegrini unlocks an excellent final part of the game; I play with two Tiffinos Faraldi for a trio of the previous Loeb. Udine responds with two, but with a basket and a mistake by Favarito that led to coach Gambarotto’s formation to +2 (61-59). Stops the enthusiasm of Posaclima Mosetti who goes alone to the basket and affects the match equally with 61. Another pass from Tivinius to Bianchi who scored 63 in green and white from the middle. Mosetti again for Udine, who drags the team from Riga and is able to keep the result with a draw (65-67). a succession of feature changes in the final minutes of a match; After 40 minutes of intensity, the 70-76 friendly match with APU Women Udine ends.

“I definitely liked our ability as a group to maintain a high intensity for 40 minutes both offensively and defensively. Within this quality, it is essential to increase the offensive interest in position and in the lanes.”