First Division Rugby League Arrival at Fvg – Nordest24

The arrival of the women’s first division rugby league to Friuli Venezia Giulia. A regional project, joint by five rugby clubs in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, has succeeded in collecting more facts and registering a team in the first “women’s” oval tournament.

But who are the heroes then?
Venjulia Rugby Trieste, Gorizia Rugby, Black Ducks Rugby Gemona, Rugby Pordenone, Juvenilia Bagnaria Arsa They will share their membership cards with Reality July ForumA historic choice by invitation that always brings the best of regional rugby under its wing. . Technical Manual July Women Forum entrusted to Bruno Jurkic of Trieste and Mirko Imperatore of Gorizia; While Juvenilia Bagnaria Arsa’s sports facility will be the operational headquarters for training and technical meetings.

“If we get to this point, the merit is due to the organizational push of the FVG Rugby Committee that organized in May the 15th Region’s participation in the Congress Cup, but above all to the great desire of all regional realities to make more of the youth sector – comments Giancarlo Stoccopresident July Forum We, as a club, have always tried to promote regional rugby, and with this project, I believe we have been able to take an important step forward. Everyone said they were excited and made themselves ready for action. Now comes the fun, but I’m sure the satisfaction won’t be long in the future. It is certainly the will of all to create a cohesive and unified group that will grow in the coming years.”

The girls of coaches Ijrkic and Imperatore are already training and will compete in a itinerant fashion, rotating in the courts of all participating companies. Giulia Chiusa of Pordenone (pictured) will be the captain of the regional concession.

“It is our desire to make this project shareable with the whole region – as Stocco concludes – women’s rugby should become a point of reference. There is no shortage of talent and working in this sector will be exciting for all of us.”

I July Forum was entered in Group 2 of the Italian League con Rugby Riviera 1975 Asd, Montebelluna Rugby 1977 Asd, Valsugana Rugby Padua Asd (Cadetta), Forum Iulii Rugby FC Asd, Romagna RFC Ssd A RL, I Puma Bisenzio Rugby Asd.

Italian Women’s Serie A

Start: October 9, 2022
Deadline: 1/2 April 2023
Promotions in the female franchise: one
Formula: three territorial groups, formed on a geographical basis. The first group had seven teams, the second group had six teams, and the third group had six teams
Italian-style format with home and away matches between participants from each group (Article 30 of the Sports Activity Regulations).

The top seeded team from each of the three groups with the second best seeded (points/races) from the three groups will advance to the semi-finals on March 19 and 26 according to the following scheme:
1st Class Group 1-2-3 vs Best 2nd Class Group 1-2-3
(He came home in second place)
class 1a. Giron 1-2-3 vs 1 A Class. Jeron 1-2-3
(The host team has the lowest average score)
The winners of the double match reach the final in a single match at a neutral venue on 1/2/April 2023. The winner of the final wins the Serie A Women’s Serie A champion title 2022/23 and will be promoted to the Women’s Championship of Excellence in the 2023/24 sports season