Fourth quarter condemns Varese to basketball: Trento win 89-81

The Basketball Varese It tastes three quarters of the flavor of victory, before you have to give up 89-81 All’Aquila Basket Trento in the final Memorial Bruzenelli. The red and white were playing an excellent game, with great rhythm and intensity for 30 minutes, before they faced a very difficult final quarter, broken by the whistles of several referees and above all without the OJM really able to build clean shots, which Trentino won 11-25.

However, the entire red and white team’s excellent performance is still He played the match for a long part of the match Against one of the most talented teams in the league. The goal tonight was to see a defensive improvement and for sure there was, In both tangible and intensity. Excellent guide to He never tamed Caruso with 20 points e It is usual Johnson who closes with the number 18.

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First Quarter

Varese begins with the usual quintet of Ross, Woldensay, Brown, Johnson, and Caruso. Ross followed up where he left off with Verona, scoring a superb corner kick. Trento immediately responds with Grazules to Juventus 3-2 after 3′. Spanish first and then returned Atkins Trento in the foreground, who found lymph from the game in the drawing, on the other hand Varese tries to find resources with the long Johnson. Shot range without much success, 13-9 to 5′. Atkins still dominates the area and gives Trento +6, 15-9. Johnson finds the way to the basket and returns the red and white to minus three, 15-12 at 4′. Atkins continues to dominate the paint and nails in the new +5 dunk, Varese responds with Johnson on three points for 17-15 at 7′. On the Librizzi Caruso pivot, Varese found parity at 17. Several fouls on one side and on the other keep the score, then the Spaniards take care of it with a nice stop and try to get his team back, 19-17 at 9″. Lockett extends a free kick twice at 21-17 At 13 inches from the end, Woldetensae miss the treble and the first quarter ends at 21-17 for the host.

second fourth

The second quarter begins with Varese who immediately finds two points on the layup with Ross for red and white -2 at 21-19. Woldetensae continues to work and equates to a gentle penetration. Ross still finds a triple and brings his team back to +2 at 22-24 from 12′. On the counterattack, Grazulis responds instantly with the new +1 Trento. Woldetensae still present Varese forward, 25-26. Grazulis builds Trento’s new advantage at 29-26 but Brown responds with a hat-trick leading to Varese’s tie. Spanish is not present and elegantly presented, 32-29 by 14′. Trento missed the counter-attack and Ferrero hit 32-32 in the 5th minute. The Spaniards still shoot the blanks and Reyes finds a great three-point game, for the red-white 32-35. Grazulis brings his team back to two points before the technical foul whistle for the protests against Caruso. Flaccadori misses the free throw and Grazules as a result of the throw-in, as Varese circled instead on the Braun Caruso axis, 34-37 in the 17th minute. Flaccadori finds a good basket in the arrest and shooting, but Caruso continues to ignite the opponent’s net with two more points, 36-39. Unsportsmanlike for Grazulis and Woldetensae who doesn’t shiver in the line, for Varese 37-41. From the subsequent throw-in, Caruso stopped first and then found two points for Red and White +6, 37-43 at 18 minutes. Ross recovers the ball with a superb defense on Conte and wins two more free throws, ½ and +7 Varese, 37-44 in the 19th minute. Lockett also makes ½ of the line and scores 38-44 but Johnson immediately responds with a new three-point game, Varese making Max advantage on +9, 38-47 with 30” of end. Trento commits a three-second foul with Atkins and Varese with a treble from Johnson Wild which ended the 38-50 period for the OJM.

third fourth

The third period starting with a foul from distance from Woldetensae and a three-point match for Grazulis who hit Johnson in the breakout to find a basket and foul. Free to sign and 41-50 Varese. Brown activates the no-fault Caruso and brings his double-digit lead back to 41-52, but the Spanish-Grazulis hub responds immediately, 43-51. Woldetensae is in agile condition and finds another three-point game has been completed for +12 OJM at 43-55. Flaccadori in the line is ready and raises it to minus 10, before a series of fouls on both sides, interrupted by Lockett who found the basket in a penetration and foul, for 48-55 of 23. Ross responds with the same coin and brings Varese back to a two-digit advantage, 48-58 in the 24th minute Lockett flies to the breakout point and Reyes responds again with a three-point game, which is a must for this challenge. Puerto Rican misses the extra freedom and the score remains 50-60 Varese. Ross steals the ball from Spain and Johnson counterattacks with the 92nd throw captures two more unmissable free throws, 50-62. Forray responds with the first episode of his game with a 52-62 match in the 25th minute, followed by two points from Atkins, 54-62 in the 26th minute. Johnson mistook three at the expiration of 24, Forray and Conti built -4 Trento at 58-62. Johnson tries to bring oxygen back to Varese who is now struggling with two free throws, for 58-64 but the Spaniard immediately responds with a gentle birdie, taking him 60-64 back to -4. Woldetensae removes Varese from the line, after two very excited actions, 60-66 but Forray is now in the gas and bringing his team closer. Caruso wasn’t around and thanks to a pass from Reyes, Varese put Varese back in the extension, 62-68. Forray still kept Trento and Caruso back to put him out again at 64-70 at 29′. In the last minute Di Nicolau and Foray missed three, Varese failed to build the last shot, the fourth finishes 64-70 for OJM.

Fourth bedroom

The last ten minutes that opened with two mistakes by Brown and Virginio on the one hand and the Spanish on the other hand. However, the same number 9 in the white and black jersey is considering breaking the deadlock with a hat-trick to bring Trento back into contact again, at 67-70. Ferrero responded with the same coin, 67-73 at 32 minutes. Two errors by Flaccadori and a losing ball by Ross predict Conte two points, 70-73 of 33, before Caruso gives oxygen to red and white with ½ of the red and white +4 streak. However, errors swarm at this point, Ross hits Flaccadori and sends him to the line. Relentlessly Juventus 12, builds the same Trento in 74 with two baskets in a row. Johnson commits a foul in the steps, Grazules stops Caruso and Trento finds two more free throws with Flacadore after a foul by Woldetensae. 12 is not a foul and after a long time he is back in front of his 76-74 at 35′. Varese can no longer find his way into the basket and is generally struggling to build clean offensive actions. After collecting two matches, Di Nicolau sent Luckett to the goal line, who scored ½, Johnson missed out on three, Varese remained down 77-74. Multiple fouls by three on both sides, Forray pushes Caruso and sends him to the line. Red and White 30 is 1 on 2 and leaves his team at -2 in this fourth terror of the Red and White attack. However, Atkins gave Varese a hand by hacking and thus making his fifth personal foul. Ross takes advantage of that and signs a 77-77 breakout equal to 37 minutes. Four free players, two Lockett and two Flaccadori push Varese back at 81-77 at 38 minutes, however, Caruso responds with a nice basket worthy of the new value -2, 81-79. Ross makes a technical foul due to the protests and brings Flaccadori back to the line who is not at fault. In the next action, Woldetensae makes his fifth foul and leaves the field, sending Grazulis to the line. 24 Bianconero does not miss and commits Trento 84-79. Ross attempts to answer unsuccessfully at the breakout as Lockett fires the extension, perhaps crucial to him, with a treble, 87-79 at 39′. Power Reyes tries to bring his team two points closer but still a mistake by Ross sends the Flaccadori into the line of charity. The 12 makes no mistake and points to the new +8 Trento, 89-81 at 40 inches from the end. In the last seconds nothing else happened, Varese has to surrender 89-81.

Dolomiti Energia Trento – Variety Basketball
89-81 (21-17; 38-50; 64-70; 89-81)
Trento: Gaye ne, Morina ne, Conti 4, Spanish 13, Forray 8, Zangheri ne, Flaccadori 20, Calamita ne, Dell’anna ne, Grazulis 16, Atkins 14, Lockett 14. Coach: Mullen
Basketball Varese: Ross 13, Woldetensae 11, De Nicolao, Reyes 7, Librizzi, Virginio, Ferrero 9, Brown 3, Caruso 20, Johnson 18, Kouassi ne, Blair ne. Coach: moving

Alessandro Borin