Francesco Bagnaia / “Girlfriend, Valentino Rossi, the future: I’ll tell you everything”

Francesco Bagnaiain the heart of the enemy towards MotoGP World Championship Who sees it as reliable? Candidate for the world titlein a long interview with Corriere della Sera, starting with the pseudonym picoCreated by Sister Carolla Who, as a child, was not able to pronounce Francesco. Polite Piemontese as the saying goes, aggressive on a motorbike as he launched a frenzied comeback at the Frenchman Fabio Quartararo To win the 2022 title with Ducati: “When you try to reach an important goal, interest and expectations inevitably increase. It’s an honor. I try to stay away from the comments of those who don’t know and have no jurisdiction. Judge a lot without knowing. Pressure to pay can help but it can also become annoying.”

So she doesn’t hide news episode that share Francesco Bagnaia In summer in Ibiza: minor night accident after drinking more than allowed. A mistake should never be made. I’ve been ashamed for a long time because I’m talking about a stigma that doesn’t reflect my personality.” Motorcycles has been his passion since he was six, overcoming even a small crisis during adolescence: “My dad noticed it, he was good at explaining to me how much The importance of respecting one’s work. At the time, it still looked like a toy but I realized that the choice required total dedication.” Even if mom Stefania claims Biko looks more like her. The person in question says he has a solid head for mom and assures his dad’s punctuality. family Decisive: To work as a social media manager, as well as deal with relations with the press, there is his sister Carola.

Francisco with the song tells of himself: family and love

The other crucial person in life Francesco Bagnaia in the normal way Domizia Castagnini, his partner: “I’ve loved her for 10 years. Sharing my life with her is my dream, and I think it’s a mutual feeling. We’ve lived together for three years, and just celebrated our sixth engagement anniversary.” The only problem: He took her in a lap on a Ducati and she came out terrified. “She was a friend of my sister’s, I loved her to death, I was totally lost for her,” Pecco says. “I started wooing her and I still today when I see her smell the same perfume the first time. Sometimes he amazes me with specific and unexpected questions. He shows an interest in what is about my life and he It’s destabilizing.” That is why the only ritual of Francesco Bagnaia is “to caress the bike before the race, to hug people in the same way, and to give a kiss to Domitia”.

Finally, turn Valentino Rossi: “She taught me to breathe deeply, to get rid of negative thoughts. Years ago I was fast but very instinctive. Vale helped me understand that great results can be achieved with the head. I fell into trying to overtake in a hurry, I made a mistake in approaching some corners.. Deep breathing is a metaphor: It means trying to stay clear while you’re at your max. I think it’s a valuable education.” Passions are shoes (“obsession”) and cooking (“I’m the home cook”). futureFrancesco Bagnaia puts it this way: “I often wonder what I will do in ten or fifteen years, when my career is over. A dream. Perhaps I will return to live in Turin or who knows where. Or, more likely, since Domitia supports me so much, I will be able to reciprocate, and dedicate myself to her even more.”

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