From Madia to Bertelè, the Red Furies have a new leader

To ensure the continuity of its commitment that began in 2015, Veronica Sideboard Take an important step in respecting the Red Furies by being elected Madalina Bertelli New captain for Colorno women’s rugby team.

Sure enough, in “Madia style”, he’s taken a step back in favor of a team that has seen him challenge each other with determination on the rugby pitches in recent years. Rational, decisive, girl of few words (but always well spent): materially He gives up the role of captain to ensure the continuity of his team.
“There are a lot of sporting commitments and, I hope, if I am called up for the World Cup, the team will have to spend more than forty days without comparing, which is too many. The team has to grow, the goals are ambitious, I can’t ask my teammates and the club for that sacrifice. ‘, she explains. Veronica Sideboardcaptain and midfielder for Obertura of the Red League and the national team. The captain of the team – go on – It has to be a reference point and today I can’t guarantee continuity. Living in this role since 2015, I carry in my heart many memories and emotions, like the night before the 2017/2018 final, but also the defeats that shaped and lifted me as an athlete and as a woman. I thank Ivano Aimee, Company, Plinio Siamana e all my friends To understand and support this painful decision. I handed this role to Maddalena who is already a point of reference for the team and I am sure she will be able to guide the Red Ayres towards new successes.”.
I wasn’t expecting all this: I thank Pliny and the team for their trust. Above all, I thank Veronica for being close.” comments Madalina BertelliRed suite rentals. “Now I want to look ahead and think about our goals: let’s start from here, from a cohesive and resolute team”.

“I am convinced that Maddalena will be an excellent reference point for the team: attentive, thorough and able to participate. He has always shown belonging to the company as an athletic commitment and human characteristics – like him Plenio ShamanaTechnical Director Forrey Rossi -. I thank Veronica for the wonderful work she has done in recent years: she made a very difficult gesture that honored her even if, I imagine, I suffered, “. On delivery, you also enter with a statement Ivano Emmythe president of rugby club Colorno, who wanted to thank the former Red Furies captain: «Veronica Daughter of Rugby Colorno! Also at this juncture, he showed a connection to the club with a very precise pass, designed for the team’s advantage. I share Veronica’s nod because the team needs a present point of reference because they want and feel the need to experience this new season at high quality levels. I would like to thank Veronica for this decision and for her honesty. We wish you all the best of luck in this world championship although I know you will be able, with great humility, to be decisive simply because it is Veronica”.

(Pictured, the new captain of the Red Furies Maddalena Bertelè)