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On September 22, 2022 at 10:15 pm

But only the wounded. Here’s some valuable fantasy football news, for exchange and roses. From Pharaohs to Osimene, these are updates about players in the pits.

Pilgri – Peter stop Pellegri. The Torino striker, who is occupied with the under-21 team, had to change after less than half an hour during the friendly match in England. Closeup problem for him, who tried to stay on the field for a few minutes coping with the problem but then raised the white flag and was replaced by Lorenzo Colombo. So the conditions for the Torino striker, who was not already at his best, must be reassessed. As stated in the comment on RaceAnd the Pellegri has been doing custom work in recent days Work in a group just on the eve of the game. Now waiting for new tests that will determine the exact extent of the problem.

Pharaohs David’s condition Pharaohs, which many fantasy coaches have been waiting for as well as from Verona. today Gazzetta dello sport He dedicates a dedicated study abroad, which has been lacking and not only in Hellas so far. Davide Varoni aims to return to resume the championship, for the match on October 3 with Udinese (but for him, it was a previous match) in Bentegodi. Hellas awaits him, because dispensing with a “veteran” like him, an almost irreplaceable focus in the past Gialloblù seasons and ref In the dressing room, it is something that has a lot of weight. Meanwhile, the pharaohs He must recover from the ankle injury that stopped him in the first leg against Bologna. On Sunday, with Fiorentina, Varone was not called up by Gabriel Cavi. He gritted his teeth in the days prior to being there. Already in Bologna he came out after holding up until the start of the second half, albeit bruised. He went out with Atalanta, he did not want to miss Empoli, but his 45th minute: the problem is clearly not solved. Thus, Varone cannot be there with Sampdoria or at Olimpico with Lazio. He always continued to train, never gave up, but at a certain point it was Cioffi who decided to stop, as the situation risked deteriorating, thereby prolonging the wait for his return. Pharaohs are very important, his presence is very dense on Hellas. Varoni’s condition will be monitored day in and day out, thinking of Udinese, but without compulsion: Verona and Chauffi want him at their best ”, we read.

OSIMHEN – The first sensations from the house of Naples on the return of Victor Osimene. Talking about it today in Corriere dello Sportwho assesses the conditions of the Nigerian striker: “Spalletti confirmed this before Milan: Napoli is not addicted to Osimhen and the three victories that have been achieved since his injury have shown that. Three plus one: with Liverpool. But also built by Victor, the killer in forty minutes played until the betrayal of the right thigh However, the date of Osimhen’s return has not been determined. It’s too early for a problem that takes 4-5 weeks. But there’s an idea, well, there is: the Cremonese game is coming up on October 9,” the newspaper said.

spices – Another tile in Spezia’s house. today 19th century He talks about a new injury and also goes back to Daniele Verdi’s injury: “Victor Kovalenko The Ukrainian national team leaves prematurely. A muscle problem in finishing the match against Scotland puts him in difficulty. Another tile for Gotti because there is no comforting news even on Daniele’s forehead Verdi, they are still in Romania in a rehabilitation center for physiotherapy to treat a physical problem on a conservative level. A player with a hernia tries to avoid surgery with a program that allows him to temporarily resolve the problem, possibly reassessing it at the end of the season. Immediately after the break he should return to La Spezia and be evaluated, but The risk of losing him until January is real‘, has been read.

Turin Two announced returns and one absence. Turin On the field in Philadelphia with a second half goal against Napoli, with Ivan Juric who – makes it known Gazzetta dello sport – Pay special attention to the progress Miranchuk, Ritchie E. Vojvoda. Among the injured players, it is practically certain that the first two will recover from their respective muscular problems, while Vojvoda, with the exception of surprises, will be absent for Napoli to return in the next match.

MilanThere is no Empoli in the second half for Divock OrigiWho aims to return with Chelsea (Champions League double match) or Juventus. Emphasis also comes from Sky SportsThe Belgian, for the eighth day after the break, there will be no like Theo Hernandez. Gazzetta dello sport He evaluates the others who are not available, with the exception of long-time residents Florenzi and Ibrahimovic: “As of yesterday, Milan returned to training in Milanello, albeit with many absentees: there are 16 Rossoneri in the national team. Custom work for Calabriawhich relieves muscle strain in the flexor, H Rebeksince the end of August for back problems,” it reads. The captain will be there in Empoli, and Pioli hopes to get the Croatian back as well, whose conditions are improving.

Fiorentina Fiorentina Vincenzo coach Italian Speaking on the sidelines of the awards ceremony at the 43rd edition of the Nereo Rocco tournament, he provided an update on Luka .’s circumstances jovich and Sufyan He loved: “They both got bruised, they are going to try to recover, it was little things, no need to worry,” he points out TMW.

church Federico’s return church. To evaluate the conditions of the Juventus winger is Corriere dello Sportwhich tracks the months that have passed since the accident:Tomorrow it will be exactly nine months after surgery. And Federico Chiesa isn’t ready yet. The pursuit of Juve’s talent continues, but the date with a return to the field remains elusive. He was injured on January 9 during Roma-Juventus, and Professor Christian Fink performed the operation on January 23 in Innsbruck in the presence of Luca Stefanini, director of health at Juventus: the surgery to reconstruct the ACL of the left knee was perfect. successfully. Approximately seven months to the recovery time originally envisaged. A schedule that also seemed respectful at first, only the church at the beginning of June announced that it expected to be available again between the end of August and the beginning of September. Max Allegri has always been wiser, not immediately making it clear that he only expects Church to have already recovered from January onwards, but right after the loss with PSG left some hope of seeing him again before the second. stop (“Maybe, maybe, maybe…”, the words of the Juventus coach). There were some obstaclesWith workloads on the field increasing, Kiza had to deal with predictable problems that slowed his comeback. It’s getting close now The moment of partial return to the groupAfter the break he should gradually start working with his teammates again. With the goal at this point being to be able to get back into the team and play some clips in November Or anyway before the long break, those of the World Cup ”, we read.