Gran Fondo Città dell’Aquila wins Sports and Solidarity

With a final race worthy of the best cycling competition, Davide Leone – of the Vibrata Bike Team, took first place out of 6a Gran Fondo Città dell’Aquila, followed by Paolo Ciavatta, in second and Nicolò Di Gaetano, seeded third: both from Team Go Fast.

Top three seeded women’s: Loretta Giudici – of Anagni Ciclismo, Andrea Mihaela Velico – of the R1 team and Serena Polidori – of AS Roma Ciclismo.

special edition of 6a The city of Gran Fondo in L’Aquila – Valid as the 2022 National Engineers’ Amateur Cycling Championship – which kicked off this morning at 8:30 from Viale di Colemaggio after representing the Ukrainian athletes – who participated in the competition as guests, and, in the presence of a group of Afghan athletes, were welcomed into the city of L’Aquila at the end of a painful escape from the horrors of their country.

Sport, solidarity and hospitality were the key elements of the day that began with the idea that the Mayor of L’Aquila – Pierluigi Biondi – wanted to address to the Marche people. “We who have been so badly affected by a disaster – said Mayor Biondi – cannot forget what happened and is happening in these hours in the Marche,” as we offer a minute of meditation before leaving, as our thoughts turn to the tragically affected residents of Seiyun. weather.

Thus began the morning that saw the convoy of 6 as the protagonista Gran Fondo Città dell’Aquila, along a route 95 km high and 1,500 m high, in a route designed to ensure the safety of participants and to preserve the most spectacular stretches of tracks hit in previous editions.

With a clear increase in the number of women compared to previous editions, there were more than 600 members of this amateur competition, which was incorporated into the PedaLatium Circuit – coordinated by Paolo Imperatori – and carried out under the auspices of ACSI Ciclismo, sponsored by the Municipality of Aquila and the Abruzzo Region.

“Abruzzo has a landscape that these sports competitions will honor,” declared the overall winner of the competition, David Leon, who immediately began to maintain the lead and play a sprint in the final at Via Michele Iacobucci, in front of the ‘unicycle.

Excellent performance was also performed by the engineers – both men and women – who won the 2022 National Engineers Amateur Cycling Championships. First place in the male category – Pasquale di Lorenzo, followed by Mirco Mazzuchetti and Perfrancesco Vera. The first three were ranked in the female engineers category: Annalisa Tabalione, Luisa Capannolo and Daniela Tomassini.

Vice President of the Regional Council – Roberto Santangelo and representatives of the 6 . Organizing Committeea Gran Fondo Città dell’Aquila, Mario Di Gregorio, Livio Stefanucci and Fabrizio Iannini.

The award ceremony also witnessed the delivery of a special women’s combat award, which was handed over by Julia Fantini to winner Claudia Romani, in the presence of a delegation of Afghan athletes.

With them is Valentino Scotti, CEO of Fantini, the main sponsor of Israel-Premier Tech, which participated in the Gran Fondo dell’Aquila and is credited with contributing to the construction of a humanitarian corridor for Afghan and Ukrainian refugees. Journalist Francesca Monzon, who has followed more than 70 Afghan refugees, 35 of whom are cyclists, on their way to safety that led them to a safe landing in L’Aquila.