Half a miracle Dominic Tim at Rain Challenger

In Challenger 125 in Szczecin (mud), an important Polish city, the capital of West Pomerania, two Italians reached the quarter-finals. The first is Matteo Arnaldi Who took a sure step first over Andrea Favasori (6-3, 6-2) and then Spain’s Carlos Taberner (#121 ATP and fifth seed). So the good moment for the Sanremo player who competed indoors, as we say in cycling, continues in the wake of the other players who have taken to the stage, but his progress is impressive. As evidenced by his victory over Favasori who defeated him less than a year ago at Challenger in Naples at the end of a tough match. very very good Raul Brancaccio Who started by defeating the Argentine first seed Federico Correa and then won the derby match with Flavio Copoli. For him certainly the best season of his career, for Flavio instead it was another missed date with the ultimate dedication. He came out in the second round Andrea Pellegrino He is fighting against Federico Delbonis but in the end he has to surrender 7-6 (3) and 6-4, confirming a somewhat disappointing second part of the season after a brilliant victory in May in Vicenza. On Friday Delbonis it will be Brancaccio’s turn and it won’t be easy on the blue. bad Marco Cecchinato e Gianluca Mager Those who have sunk in a tunnel clearly cannot find a way out of it. Aleksandr Shevchenko was certainly an opponent within Ceck’s reach, from Corentin Moutet you can clearly lose, but not 6-2 6-0 as Mager did. Anyway in the quarters there will be a sunflower test because the rampant Mattia Arnaldi will face a mutt (#84 ATP), and in our opinion, we’ll see some good tests. close with Matthias Bellucci Which, every time we see it, impresses us more and more, and now that it has proven itself outside the ITF category, it begins to settle at the level of the Challenger. As confirmed here in Poland, not so much in the win over qualifying Krumic, but in the narrow defeat to Austrian Dennis Novak (#136 ATP). Now the level is there, some technical improvements and above all experience are missing, but we are quite confident.

At Challenger 80 in Istanbul (hard outdoors) he was knocked out in the second round Lorenzo Justino, the only Italian on the scoreboard. On his start, he outplayed Czech Dominic Balan (#477 ATP) and then lost 7-5 against 20-year-old French promising Harold Mayot (#263 ATP).

It was also played in Rennes (Challenger 90, Indoor Hard) where there were no Italians in the lottery, but he was present Dominic Tim Which humbly tries to rebuild their order starting from the bottom. The Austrian, formerly third in the world, reached the quarter-finals by beating Giles among others Simon, in a challenge that could have been shown a short time ago on very different stages. Now, Bulgarian Adrian Andreev (#331 ATP) is the contender who will make Thiem’s ​​best smile, but today, it would be nice for the owner of one of the most beautiful reflections on the ring not to get distracted too much.

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