Hamilton, insult to take them from Russell? Few races to avoid…

There’s a seven-time world champion, a judge for years far and wide, bossy and authoritative until yesterday’s sports match suddenly seems to fade with the sound of “past,” six races to avoid the shame of weighing in a bit.

Lewis Hamilton lags behind his teammate George Russell, the talented emerging who drives a Mercedes to tame and drive as if he’s known it for years, losing comparison with his very young teammate.

Hamilton, certainly towards the end of his career compared to his fellow ex-Anglo-German drill compatriot, has already missed out on some career comparisons with his teammate. Let’s think of Button or the obviously deadliest with Rosberg, who cost him the 2016 world title.

So it wouldn’t be an absolute novelty, but in this case it would be something completely new, yes. Because Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg were pilots of equal or equal seniority, or at least of the same generation; There was no defiance of generations, no fears about the passage of time, no merciless and inevitable progress of the twilight, for the end that in any area, for any thing, truth, living being, would arrive sooner or later.

Russell is the impudent, shy, very fast, bewildered young man who somehow does a “downsizing” of Hamilton. Certainly not in the “historic” sense. Lewis is still a legend, one of the few to aspire to the symbolic title of GOAT in the top class, after all he won 103 GP, it’s almost unethical stuff.

But the present speaks of a king a little closer to abdicating, little more than deposing him in a party from which in recent years he has been a kind of emanation; Everything revolved around Hamilton, from the successes on the track, to the image abroad, to the managers, to the very loyal and devoted follower Bottas.

Today, however, that is no longer the case, which is why Hamilton must put all his class, energies, and strength – still crucial, just look to general practitioners in France, Hungary and England – to answer the faltering Prince George. And he slowly, elegantly and educated, took the Mercedes. Russell Steady, on the verge of exhausting his opponents, he is quick and above all running with the attitude and malice of someone who has no dread of his teammate’s ranks.

In the Netherlands, for example, Georg forced himself to change tires under the safety car, read the race perfectly and “led” the team with frightening design and devilish determination. He ruthlessly snuck into Hamilton and went on to finish second. Such a thing at Mercedes was not seen in previous years. Maybe something has already changed the balance of a team that Hamilton is no longer central. And all this will not satisfy Lewis, who still has a few races to reverse the situation.

Antonino Rendina

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