He will be followed by Belmo, Bougacar and Jermay on TV

Tadej Pogacar, one of Alex Carera’s champions, who will race in the Wollongong World Championships, in a file photo at Imola 2020

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Make yourself comfortable if you can. At home, for Sunday brunch in a restaurant or in front of a smartphone: September 25 will be a high-voltage (Italian) night. Nothing will remain the same after the most anticipated race of the year. for Alex Carrera It will be a certain world championship, the second in his “distant” career: Agent Elisa among others balmThaddeus Pojakar from Peña Jermay I stopped at Malpensa When he was about to go to Sydney. the reason? During the Tour de France, he forgot his passport in Frankfurt and was denied entry by Australian authorities due to a loss report. But Wollongong will not be the first World Cup from the sofa career path career path: In 2010 in Melbourne, as well as in Australia, he also had to give up the trip. Results? Find out in the interview on Quibicisport.

Carrera, tell us the passport story. How did it go?

«during the Tour de France I forgot my passport on the plane. At Frankfurt airport they found him the same night, of course, because I indicated where I was sitting and they sent him to me. But they didn’t tell me that they submitted the loss report. So last night I arrived in Malpensa to board in Sydney, my passport was lost and therefore the Australian authorities did not accept my entry».

And now?

«I have to return my passport, but the Italian police headquarters times at least six days and I watch the world championships on TV. Unfortunately, this is the case. I’ve already warned my passengers and the dates I set for the world championship, I can’t do it».

No, guys, when you say “fate”. Two months ago, I lost my passport (I knew where I left it) in fact…

Posted by Alex Carrera be Monday 19 September 2022

How many jockeys do you have in the world championship?

«We have twenty-four athletes from different categories participating in Wollongong. Samuel Battistella, Lorenzo Rota, Henok. too many. We also have Elisa Balsamo and several players for the Italian women’s national team. Guazzini, who won the U23 World Time Test, is one of our athletes».

Carrera, what race are you expecting on Sunday?

«I expect a demanding race. The weather on Sunday is not good so I’m expecting a classic. The best is playing in the World Cup. Two teams will try to dominate the race: one in particular will be Australia and the other will be Belgium, but they will have two different tactics. The first would have to be contained to get Matthews into the enemy and I think Benyam Jermay would have to follow that kind of tactic. On the other hand, Belgium and Italy will try to make the race more offensive because they cannot go into a head-to-head confrontation with Van Art, Van der Paul and Tadig (Bougakar, editor). If he doesn’t play early, Italy will be in trouble».

How does Pogacar think about winning? Strade Bianche and Grand Prix Montreal are two examples of its diversity.

«I think the last race on the World Tour calendar took place in Canada and he won a sprint. Second came Van Aert and third Baggioli. There he proved that he could win in Strade Bianche style, but also in a tight race. In Canada, he started long at the top of the three hundred meters and no one jumped him. It really depends on how you get to the sprint. In Canada, the road was more difficult, but the distance to the world championship is much greater. I think Tadig in good shape is the sprinter in the world who can win any kind of race including the world championship.».

On the other hand, Jeremy comes in as the Under-23 World Vice Champion and an excellent season in the classics.

«On Sunday, Biniam will have to follow and be a shadow man for Michael Matthews, someone who has his own characteristics, plays at home and has a very strong squad. He’ll have to stay on their wheels, he’s still a boy, strong, smart and talented the enemy Very fast. He finished second behind Van der Poel in Belgium: this means that if he finished the race with about twenty riders, he could easily play for a medal».

Balm for World Champion Emergence: Like last year and in the European Championships, will Italy still be against the Netherlands?

«In my opinion, yes. It is clear that Italy and the Netherlands are the two strongest teams. Italy proved to be very united, not only in the world championships last year where her teammates did an exceptional job, first of all Elisa Longo Borghini, but also in other races. A united team could make the difference against the Dutch who often did not take the perfect tactic, despite being the strongest. I trust the team is united, because Elisa cares so much about the World Championships and she is really a great champion who has made a huge leap in quality since joining Trek-Segafredo after the great school of Valcar Travel & Service. Only one will win, but I’m sure she will be a great champion».

Will Sunday’s Carrera Championship be your first home-watching world championship?

«In fact, it is the second world championship. I stayed home in 2010 too and one of the athletes, Thor Hushofd, won. I hope history will repeat itself».