Here’s the team that wants it

2023 could be the year of Giovinazzi’s return to Formula 1. The Italian driver will soon be behind the wheel, and is called up by a surprising team.

He said at once, that his absence from the circus would continue as long as amen. Perhaps he was right. After a turbulent year in Formula E, Antonio Giovinazzi Turned into a master joker for F1.

Antonio Giovinazzi (ANSA Pictures)

With three championship experience in his pocket, the driver from Martina Franca will face two main teams: Haas and the Alps. The Americans he’s associated with because of the team’s partnership with them FerrariThey would consider it a disappointing alternative Mick Schumacher. But in the last few hours the Anglo-French opportunity has emerged.

Giovinazzi back to the first class?

contacted Gunther Steiner To replace shumi In the 1 Free Monza GP, Apulian, in addition to impressing well, apparently, having finished four tenths of the Magnussen, will be able to do public relations. So much so that he immediately received an invitation to participate in the end-of-month exams scheduled in Budapest.

So, in Hungary, the 28-year-old will have the chance to touch the A521 led by Fernando Alonso last year. In this way he is a candidate for his beloved successor. Since then, as we know, the samurai will leave for Aston Martin.

However, for Italians, the road is not steep. On the Hungarian track he will have to deal with Nick de Vries, recently from the unexpected ninth in his first appearance among the greats at the Temple of Speed. With a lot to talk about Colton Hart, in search of a super license to be able to sign the contract with Alpha Tauri. And with the former coconut Renault Jack Dohan.

We need to find someone who is able to score important points right awayThe CEO said Laurent Rossi to, which dictates the screening criteria. “This need essentially leads us to an older runner. But it can grow with us just as much“.

Given what he was able to do in the Brianza region, the Dutchman seems to have an advantage. even because of Bon Jovi He actually had a chance, while he’s now 27, he didn’t.

The person responsible for the wall Otmar Szafnauer He directs the process, evaluates options, meets, discusses and tests the children. So I think the name will be decided shortly. We want to make the right decision. No need to rush‘, explained via the Alps.

Alert in electric blue hospitality over the weekend at Monza, Antonio will have to finish the agreement with the Red team so he can join the Losanga squad. In the meantime, we won’t have to wait any longer to see it in action. At the Tour of Texas in Austin on October 23, the 2016 G2 runner-up will return to the cockpit of a VF-22 in FP1.

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My goal is to be here in the next World Cup. It’s no secret. But my future is not in my hands“He had to confess for the thousandth time.”We’ll see what we can get. For now, I’d rather focus on doing a great job in the sessions I’m going to saveAzim said.