How will the format change in 2023

Carlos Izpeleta, chief sporting officer of Dorna, revealed the details of the new format for next season: Farewell to free training

With the 2022 season coming to a close, with only six races left on the calendar, the MotoGP Already looking forward to next year with confidence and enthusiasm. Indeed, 2023 will be a real year of revolution for the World Championship that will welcome a new form, as there will be, for every race next season, sprint race. That was in Aragon Carlos IspeletaChief Sports Officer is in our turn to explain the news of the upcoming season.

As it was announced in recent weeks, in fact, MotoGP 2023 will see riders take part in a new competition throughout the season, the already well-known Sprint race in Superbike and Formula 1 which, however, has not been greeted with great enthusiasm in the World Championship.. from before the pilots. In fact, the new format sees sprint sprints fit into the busy schedule already followed every weekend, with free practice sessions going down.

In fact, Dorna has announced that the weekend will see a small revolution. What is known today as free practice will in fact turn into official exams Which will allow drivers to fight for a place in Q2. We kick off Friday at 10.45 with a first 45-minute session, followed by the 60-second session at 15. Test 2 has been lengthened, reports Carlos Ezpeleta, to allow riders to test the bike’s setup first, and in the last part, to log the group’s attack time. On Saturday, in fact, there will be free practice (equivalent to the current FP4) which will only be used to test bikes without the possibility of scoring useful times for the group. At 10.50 a.m., according to the program, both Q1 and Q2 will start, which will mark the starting grid for the Sprint and sprint.

Modernity, in fact, is exactly Sprint. The extra race, which awards 1st to 9th place points (12-9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1), will take place on Saturday at 3 p.m. and will see half the miles compared to Sunday’s race. Our role shows that the two starting grids will be the same to allow the risk drivers to try and fight for the ultimate victory. On the other hand, Moto2 and Moto3 will not run sprint races but will in any case undergo changes to schedules over the weekend to allow MotoGP to better adapt to the new format. But on Sunday, the warm-up will be just 10 minutes at 9.40 for the MotoGP, before returning to the track at 14 for the race.

Here are the news details for the three categories for 2023.