“I was misunderstood.” It’s a controversy

Russian President Vladimir Putin “Push to Special Operation” In Ukraine with the aim of replacing Volodymyr Zelensky “With respected people”. Silvio Berlusconi’s words at Porta a Porta became a political issue on the eve of the 2022 elections on September 25, with the Forza Italia leader being controversial.

“It was enough to see the entire interview–not just an extrapolation sentence, synthetic for reasons of time, as we know simplification is sometimes wrong–to understand what I was thinking, which has been known for some time”says Berlusconi today. I was referring to what some people are saying without any attachment to my thoughts on that story. I may have been misunderstood that I was just a “reporter” referring to other people’s ideas”He explains, on a day when the debate intensified.

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These are very obscene and dangerous words. I wonder and ask Meloni if ​​he shares them. Then it’s scattered words because it talks about aid to the West, but Forza Italia voted for it. These are words that go beyond the unimaginable, words that please Putin.”attacks the secretary of PD Enrico Letta On Radio Anch’io On Radio Uno.

Carlo CalendaAction Leader, comments on Twitter: Berlusconi at a crossroads between Putin’s spokesman and military advisor (he had to keep troops close to Kyiv). Really tragic.”

Berlusconi says Putin pushed to invade Ukraine, did he want to put decent people in Kyiv? Don’t let me explain, I say we will do our best to stop the war when we are in government. But before that the opinion about Putin was positive by everyone, but now there are no justifications for whoever invades. ”Dice Matteo SalviniLeague leader guest line 102.5.

Antonio Tajani: “You have to listen to the whole interview, not elicit a sentence”

From Forza Italia lyrics Antonio Tajani. “We should listen to the entire interview and not elicit a sentence summarizing an analysis of what was happening in Moscow, and not what Berlusconi was thinking. The situation is very clear, there is no possibility of discussion with the Russian Federation, Russia invaded Ukraine, the condemnation is clear and comprehensive, and the situation cannot be changed. We are on the side of NATO, the West, the European Union and the United States.”Says the party coordinator led by Berlusconi.