Inter, Lutaro and Korea in the national team with Argentina: the return node

The two Argentines should return from their commitments to the national team just 48 hours before the game against the Giallorossi, but the club is hoping for a benevolent gesture from the Albiceleste Federation.

As more than half of a team rumbles about commitments with their national teams, Simone Inzaghi is already thinking about when he will be able to resume work with the entire group. With Roma and Barcelona on the horizon, as well as a commitment to reverse the ugly trend of recent weeks as soon as possible, the Nerazzurri coach plans to make the most of the (little) time available before diving into Hell. force round Which will end with stopping the World Cup. But the FIFA calendar leaves a little room, only crumbs, a handful of days, given that most national teams will only start returning from Tuesday 27 September. In the viale della Liberazione, Laotaro and Korea are particularly concerned, as they must play their last friendly match (against Jamaica) on the night between 27 and 28.

race against time

Inzaghi already knows he will have very little time to work with Onana, who will return to Appiano on Day 28 after challenging South Korea the day before (in Seoul). But having to only work with a half-attack for up to 48 hours before the equally important challenge against the Giallorossi remains a hard-to-digest issue despite Scaloni’s expected (and legitimate) call-ups. The two Argentine strikers were, at best, unable to return to Italy before late Wednesday night, with the possibility that they will only be able to play one or two full training sessions with the rest of the group before returning to the field. Exactly the same problem occurred on the occasion of the last four “windows” dedicated to national teams, between October and March, where Argentines often had to race against time to maintain their confidence in the league’s commitments (the last tournament occurred systematically before matches against Sampdoria, Lazio and Napoli). But this time, unlike all the previous matches, Argentina will not participate in the official matches.


Therefore, this time, at Viale della Librazione, there is hope that the Argentine Football Association (AFA) will understand the situation, and give Lautaro and Correa an early return. For heaven, weak hope, which hatches in the Nerazzurri club, but it is worth trying through the appropriate management channels. It is well known how much Scaloni relied on these last two friendlies before the world to determine which Group of 26 she will bring to Qatar. But it’s also true that Lautaro and Korea have been part of that group for quite some time already confident they’ll be part of the expedition. Maybe that’s why coach eggs He could also be persuaded to release the two after the first scheduled friendly match against Honduras on the night between Friday and Saturday. In this way, the file a trip and the Toko They can resume training at the Pinetina Fields as early as Sunday. It’s hard for that to happen, but the coach is hoping for it and Inter will try.