Inter, the champions of the first European Cup meet for dinner

Guests of former President Ernesto Pellegrini, there were sixteen Nerazzurri in the evening to celebrate the historic victory of 1991. In addition to Captain Bergomi, attended among others Klinsmann, Baresi, Berti and Serena

Set one evening for dinner, at Ernesto Pellegrini’s villa, to celebrate Inter’s first European Cup won in 1991. A party thirty years later, postponed due to an epidemic, with the hope that the new Inter will also return to celebrate the postponement of the Scudetto due to AC Milan’s fault.


And between then and now, everyone, starting with the former president, wins happy and excited when his grandsons Guglielmo and Ginevra hand over the gold medals to the 16 players in attendance. And so, here they are mocking two by one in alphabetical order: Baresi and Bergomi who remember with great sensitivity the merits of Trapattoni, Berti and Bianchi, Primi and Frey, Fontolan and Mandorlini, Manicone and Murillo, Antonio and Massimo Paganin, Pizzi and Stringara, Serena and Klinsmann.

the background

And only when he embraced the German striker, Pellegrini revealed his background: “Jurgen you don’t know that in the 1990 World Cup in Italy, I saw Holland and Germany in Milan, along with Berlusconi. You were an Inter fan with Premi and Matthews and Milan fans Gullit, Rijkaard and Van Basten. I won 2-1, scored the first goal and in the end Berlusconi said to me: ‘I’ll give you fifteen billion for Klinsmann.’ But I didn’t give up and I’m glad you stayed at Inter. From below someone shouts: “The Chinese were selling it right away.” Everyone laughs, while Pellegrini still does not smile when he remembers that the Scudetto faded due to an arbitrary mistake and then won by Sampdoria in the same year that Inter won the European Cup and that’s why on the gold medals it says “The 1991 UEFA Cup and the Scudetto” moral”.

A look at the present

But it is the only bittersweet moment on an evening that everyone at Inter is thinking about today, taking advantage of the presence of Riccardo Vieri, Inter’s “club director” in daily contact with Handanovic and his team-mates. Premi runs with words as he runs on the field. “What h… what’s going on? I watch all the matches on TV in Monaco and my friends make me a group like that. The players should wake up.” Then he moved on to Marotta: “I will wait for you in Germany for the Champions League.” Yes, because there is also the CEO of Nerazzurri, seated next to the Pellegrini. A couple who could work together, because the journalist of the “Gazzetta” Alberto Zardan advised him to take on that young director of Varese. Pellegrini then preferred the more experienced Dal Seine, but relations between the two remained excellent and Marotta’s presence in and of itself gives optimism to Bremi and all old Nerazzurri hearts anxious about the current arrangement. “Look – Marotta says to everyone – that today Inter have the same points they got in the Serie A year with Conte, and after seven days they scored three more goals and conceded 11 times, so I am convinced that after the break we will recover.” 6-year-old Guglielmo, who unleashed the Nerazzurri jersey, listens and smiles into the microphone: “And one day I will become president of Inter, with the money of the Chinese.” Everyone laughs, including mother Valentina and grandmother Ivana, who also coincidentally celebrates her birthday, with final wishes for captain Baresi and the great Inter. Do not forget such an evening.