Is Hamilton appoints his successor in Formula One? The name is one of those incredible

In a very active moment in the Formula 1 driver market, Hamilton also had his say and advises teams to hire one in particular.

For many, it was one of the many unfulfilled promises of karting once the transition to formulas occurred. but for Nick de Vries Perhaps the wheel of fortune has finally turned its way. It’s amazing how life in certain situations plays positive jokes that we don’t expect. What happened to the Dutch is proof of that.

Lewis Hamilton (ANSA Pictures)

Winner of the 2021 Formula E Championship, but then unable to assert himself, as often happens, among other things in the full electric series, with the retirement of mercedes He seemed to be destined to spend a year wandering. Alternatively, it could be 2023 in F1.

Suddenly he called for Monza Williams To replace Alex Albon, Forced to go to the emergency hospital with appendicitis, he found himself having to face qualifying and racing without preparing for it. Yet he was brilliant and focused on performance, he didn’t miss a moment. Sunday afternoon’s conclusion with the ninth place that convinced everyone.

The fact that his entry was completely unexpected, the performance turned out to be more noteworthy, both for entering the points area, and for the solidity of behavior and the absence of errors.

Hamilton suggests a name

Although the 27-year-old has already become familiar with FW44 Marking the first free practice of the Spanish race, the immediate feeling present on a training track like the Speed ​​Temple track made half of the circuit jump on the chair. Lewis Hamilton included.

He liked this response with pleasure, the star hero strongly supported his participation, or in general his promotion to the first class in cars.

“I’ve known him since he was very young. When I was at my dad’s McLaren, I try to help him get to the circus”, the story on Formula shows how long it took the racer from the Netherlands to reach the top of motorsport.

Silver Arrows Driver Test cheerful So he got the support of the British, with whom he seems to have a good relationship. “He is an important member of the team“Continue to praise.”He works a lot on the simulator, he’s very positive and often emails me. I was pleased to hear that the Grove family had chosen him to replace him. It definitely deserves a steering wheel. I hope he can get it after such a good result“.

In the category where money and marketing interests often dominate, performance is not synonymous with employment. exactly the contrary. Sometimes it all comes off with a few compliments and a pat on the back.

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However, in his case, we feel we are leaning in his favour. After all, in recent days I also moved some Helmut Marko Who, as you know, is never happy to look outside the nursery Red Bull. But for him, he can obviously make an exception, as happened in the recent past with Perez. It will be her turn to Post-Gasly alongside Tsunoda in Alpha Tauri.