Is it right to “restrict” Bastianini in the lead up to the global Bagnaia? [TITOLI DI CORSA]

The 23 sessions of the last Aragon GP race entered the archives this season as something very close to the concept of a “Symphony of the Dukes”. A technical and performance victory, sealed with a third consecutive constructors’ title in MotoGP and five races, not necessarily a few, before the last checkered flag scheduled for Valencia.

Six Ducati in the top eight, two on the first and top grades of the podium. Victorious and convincing dominance, it became even more unscrupulous in its positive balance when compared to the adventures of the Japanese (Yamaha and Honda Ed).

However, even after Aragon and on the eve of a trip to Motegi to experience the right amount of positive sensations, there is still something to wonder about in Borgo Panigale and how. The protagonist’s name is always the same: Enea Bastianini, the same person who in recent months has kept the lights of Rosso’s executive offices running late, to understand whether it was right, how it was, or not to promote it at the factory bike next year.

Today, after the fourth success of the season, with the final round of the Adrenaline Sports Anthology, the question is another. La Bestia’s talent in the last race “cost” five points (less) in the run-up to Pecco Bagnaia to the World Drivers’ Championship, so was it right to stop him and move on to the more classic team standings?

With Quartararo out of the game, in what was only the second retirement of the season and third in the past two years for the French rider, and given Desmo’s horrific performance, the feeling is that Bagnaia should and could return home with full loot.

For heaven’s sake, when it was only five races ago, we find ourselves today, five races from the finish, with Pecco just 10 points off Quartararo which is certainly a great feeling, but in a balanced world championship that has moments like this too. Just five points can make a difference.

Also because the same five points Bagnaia did not recover, due to the overtaking Bastianini suffered, on Quartararo, are also the same points he did not win on Alex Espargari, who returned to the podium with Aprilia steady and a solid third wheel in this sprint. World Champion.

The dilemma is intriguing, but the logic and distance from 2007, attributed to the last Ducati driver’s world title (Stoner, editor), leave room for a few other explanations. At Aragon, Bastianini deserved to play to his full potential, Dall’Igna admitted, but from the upcoming matches the team’s interest will necessarily be evaluated, As Syabati admitted a few hours ago.

So, no Ducati (if possible) to derail Bajnaya’s title quest? The following and decisive races will tell, because the final rush of this world championship promises to be exciting, and after putting it on its feet again in Ducati no one will lose. has been selected by the new Google News Service,
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