Italy Carrera Cup | Vallunga, Quaresmini rejoiced in the first race

Among the “barrels”, safety cars and the latest red flag, Gianmarco Quaresmini remains certain for the first race of the fourth round of the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia in Vallelonga. A clear success and off-piste was the 2018 champion, never in question, not even after being overtaken by Matteo Malocelli from third place at the start but only for an excessively early start (can’t really define it as a “jump start”), which was made Punish the driver from Romania for driving it.

The second success of the season makes Quaresmini fly further and further to the top of the championship with the 911 GT3 Cup of Ombra Racing, while fun Giorgio Amati, second with Ghinzani Arco Motorsport after starting from the front row, and Diego Bertonelli, who completed the podium after recovering from sixth square in The start, bypassing Alberto Cerque (Ginzani Arco Motorsport) in the early stages, fourth at the finish line, and later Giammarco Livorato, back in the top five with Tsunami RT and now expected in the front row at the start of Race 2 tomorrow.

In pole position, thanks to today’s sixth place, the Keagan Masters will sit on Sunday with the 911 GT3 Trophy for the Romanian team AB Racing, which plays at home and also celebrates the first place of the season, like last year, captured in the Michelin Cup for Francesco Maria Venesi on the circuit Motherland.

This is where the warning bill could begin. After the first safety car was used on lap 2 to recover the car of Aldo Vesanti, author of an off-track story against the barriers, on lap 5 the second safety car was used after a connection from behind by Stefano Monaco on Leo Caglioni (later composer) from the fastest lap in 1′ 35 “230) in Herpen, where a traffic jam formed and the need to restore the damaged car from Allie Giardelli who arrived.

It was also the Michelin Pullman Alberto de Ameses Cup. At that moment at the head of the class, the Gidonia driver made a turn to avoid the tangle of cars forming in front of him. Thus the Ebimotors rider lost his places to only sixth place in his class.

It was the Phoenicians who took advantage of the situation, and were good at avoiding trouble and jumping to the top even bypassing Marco Cassara, who with Raptor Engineering still wins points and a valuable second place podium to jump to the top of the Michelin Cup general classification, while German “Deep” Alexander Schwarzer ( BeDriver) ranked third, ahead of Alex Di Giacome (Tsunami RT) and Paolo Ghonimi (EpiMotors).

After the restart, the race had some jolts in the middle of the group, notably with Benny Strignano (Villorba Corse), seventh at the finish line, Enrico Fulgenzi, eighth, Andrea Fontana (Bonaldi Motorsport), Jorge Lorenzo, twelfth at the finish line with Team Q8 Hi Perform but often fights in the full top ten, and Maluselli, who has recovered in the meantime after being forced to drive in the first laps.

Precisely in the turbulent final stages, Malocelli himself and Fontana were in contact, with the first time (afternoon you’ll quickly forget for him) displayed hard against the hurdles (fortunately without special consequences for the pilot).

Immediate exposure to the red flag to end the race prematurely. At that point, the standings were updated on the previous lap and Fontana found himself in ninth place, ahead of Ludovico Lorrini, who had completed the top ten in Dynamic Motorsport.

In the Silver Cup, among the “991 GT3 Cup gen. II”, a victory and extension for Davide Scannicchio (ZRS Motorsport), who judged returning Max Montagnese (Raptor Engineering) and title contender Paolo Venerosi (Ebimotors) at the finish line.

Tomorrow (Sunday) the second race completes the exciting Roman weekend for the Italian flagship at 12.00 live on free TV on Cielo (26 digital terrestrial) and via satellite on Sky Sport Arena (Sky 204). Live broadcast is also available in HD on