Jill Moreton (FFT): ‘Pique doesn’t care about tennis, Davis is now just a business and a loss’

French Tennis Federation President Gilles Moreton shoots Davies’ new lookPointing the finger above all at Pique, the well-known Barcelona footballer and one of the protagonists of the major turning point that prompted the ITF to accept his company dollars to introduce the new formula discussed. Speaking to the French newspaper, the teamMoreton explains his concepts and why this form is not at all satisfactory, asserting that the applied system does not stand even from an economic point of view.

“I don’t want to be that person who repeats like a parrot the same things over and over… We will talk about it at the end of the week, maybe the organization of Germany and France here by us would be interesting, but then you see that there are games, like Belgium and Australia, that no one cares about Here, during the week there are games with nothing ready to grab… The structure has changed a lot since the beginning of this format.Next year, with the weeks extended for some of the Masters 1000, the Davis Cup qualifying round will no longer be protected, and the ATP tournaments will take place At the same time. At some point there has to be someone who will protect this sport, protect tennis.”

Here is the most violent accusation against Pique:All four cities hosting Davis have now paid. And they paid a lot. But for the organizer, there is a rather obvious loss. We were involved in some negotiations, as Gerard Pique came to visit us to send us some proposals for the upcoming tours. They flirted with us, and we would like France to return to its regulatory role, but the amounts we have asked are not always the same, from what I heard. The rules of the game are not clear. Nothing is clear. There were four or five members of the FFT at the table, including Cedric Pioline, so I’m not the only one who heard these things. He offered us the final stage, but for something else. For me this is not serious, it is dangerous. Pique is not interested in tennis, he is only interested in finding a way to deposit money in his safes. On the contrary, they lost a lot of money in three years. As for the sum of prizes offered to players, we are very far from the initially announced amounts. Finally, I feel that the sporting interest in competition has disappeared“.

Are there ways to escape? Moreton remains ambiguous, insisting on a leading role for the Grand Slam tournaments in tennis, given that the ITF is already betting on dollars (which Pique promised at least): “Together with the other Grand Slams, we are strengthening our position in many areas, and in some sense we are also thinking about the Davis Cup. At some point there must be someone to protect the tennis. In theory, this should be the role of the ITF, but there is a big difference between caring for the developmental aspect of tennis practice and managing some aspect of professional tennis. The Grand Slam tournaments are organized, there are investors ready to join in, and we have an organization in the middle making great strides….”

Could the Grand Slam decide to propose a relaunch for Davis in another format? Perhaps not a utopia, but the support of the ATP, which is thriving at this historical point with the Masters 1000 (as will happen next year with Rome and Madrid over 11 days), will certainly be needed, so the calendar will be much more intense and complex.