“Juve are in very bad shape, but Allegri is not the problem. Napoli are from the Scudetto”

“The title is an illusion for the Bianconeri. On the other hand, the Azzurri are very modern and Spalletti deserves to win”

Giovanni Galleon It is a model and guide for many coaches. especially for Massimiliano AllegriWith whom he had always had a special relationship of friendship and respect. The link on the pages of “Il Mattino” leads to a very clear analysis of Tough moment facing the Juventus coach. Juve is in very bad shapeeven more so than Inter as Inzaghi sent devastating signals with those changes at Udine – Galleon explained -. But Max doesn’t have to go from there: the coaches are there to solve problems, and I don’t think it’s the problem“.” I heard Arrivabene, say that the project is 4 years long… Nice project: it is very long and Have all the youth been expelled to meet players in their thirties? – He added, pointing an accusing finger at the administration. I don’t know if Allegri will be able to get out of it. The Scudetto is an illusion: You are fourth, ten points behind AC Milan, how do you think you can bridge the gap with just one transfer session? “.

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As for the exploitation? NaplesGaleone has clear ideas about the genesis of Azzurri’s successes this season and the centrality of Spalletti to the De Laurentiis project. “Naples is very modernHe would also have a sixty-year-old coach on the bench but there were young people with creativity and a desire to question themselves, Luciano Spalletti – he explained -. The one who still continues to steal and model and is not yet tired of doing it.”

“I remember Saki’s lessons and his story about the score. It’s true, he’s right, it matters, but then you can’t play someone who plays the piano and thinks about getting an applause.” “If you have an orchestra pianist like Polini or Rachmanovich, everything changes — keep glorifying the available pianists. Spalletti -. It seems to me that Naples has the same type, Kvaratskhelia and Osmen“.” Here is the success Luciano It’s related to the fact that he wasn’t fond of the game system and that Insist on enhancing individual qualities: He is someone with a very long professional training, and he also had to take my place in Pescara and according to what he has adapts. ” Spalletti puts technology at the heart of his project. He loves it and it’s good for him – he added -. The essence of football is that no one knows the dogmas and evolution that has to happen game by game, based on what each player can do. Just like Napoli does this.”

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Only contagious factor if Max jumps: for June Jasp is on the horizon

Only contagious factor if Max jumps: for June Jasp is on the horizon

“Last year the Napoli duel at breakneck speed and without the African Cup, I don’t know how it would have ended – Galloni continued, analyzing the last season of the Azzurri and then looking to the future – we missed it. Too little not to win the title: It has a solid foundation, is a group with an important mindset and has guessed the market. there Kim It seems to me a real wonder. And then it happened Spalletti Who already understood everything about Naples. Then again a big compliment to Luciano’s work: “Football is not the same in all cities, it is completely different. As these things grow, you will understand them more. He drives and flirts in an authentic way. And he understood that in this city it is enough to be yourself, not to be an actor, not to play any role and everything is simpler. Naples wins and gets you in without doing anything special. To me, at certain moments, he seems to be a real Neapolitan“.

“The new generations of coaches should learn that The essence of football lies in glorifying the beauty of talent. It is evident by surrounding it with delicately designed lines – Galion concluded. Kev Spalletti: They are there lobotka e Anguissa Who are the directors in Luciano’s field of thought? At 63, it was time for him to win the Scudetto. he deserves it“.