Juventus, Allegri Conference towards Monza Live

The Juventus coach spoke on the eve of the Brianza trip: “Everyone was never available, we are fine in the conditions we are in”

The Juventus getting ready to face Monza A trip not to be underestimated. The ‘Brianteo’ challenge is more delicate than the rating suggests, with the Bianconeri called Back on track after recent gaffes in the league and Europe. We make up for the disappointment of the challenge with Salernothere to wake up after heavy ko col Benfica. artistic Max Allegri He ended up in the eye of the storm, and now we need immediate answers, even if the list of unavailable people is very long: “Schisney is back, but he is not at 100% and Perrin will play – as he said at the conference -. Rabio and Locatelli are back in the first half in time. Later, Di Maria comes back from the first minute.”

Alegre Conference

The expected reaction

“You have to have a lot of respect for Monza, they have always played good games at home and that comes from their first point in Serie A. We have to pay attention to the things we have done wrong so far. The last seven goals all came from situations that could have been possible.” We avoid it, and the recording and readings have to be done better. We desperately need to improve.”

About injuries and “virtual Juve”

“It is not a question of a hypothetical Juventus, if you put the top 11 on the field with our team, we will not be available. I did a report on injuries: compared to last year we had 11 muscle injuries to 10. We as employees, we are always in a discussion and definitely made a mistake. I am the first and I make more mistakes than the others. However, in these moments, it takes a lot of clarity. If we win with Benfica, what has been said? At this moment giving explanations is useless. We can’t see everything negative, we must try to finish well Tomorrow and then after the break we get some players back. What is negative now can be positive in 20 days. We try to give us an explanation about injuries, but there is no doubt about the fact that the staff is doing well.”

on the tactical system

“To give continuity to the game system, you have to have players available. Di Maria has been out since August 20, there is Cuadrado who plays that role but he is no longer able to do as he did before, also because of personal characteristics. The issue of game systems, such as limiting Mistakes. We take in a lot of goals easily, I said that in Paris too, even if I might only see certain things.”

on unavailable

‘Szczesny is available, but not at 100% and Perin will play again. Di Maria will be back from 1’, I have to think if I’ll let Kane or Kostic play on the left. Locatelli and Rabiot come back after the break and then we have some boys. It’s going to be a good match. I am happy to meet my friend Adriano Galliani, they did something extraordinary to bring Monza to Serie A, but tomorrow we will have to score three points.”

About what he could have done wrong

“I could have done a lot of wrong things, changes, training, preparation…”.

In dialogue with management

“I missed hearing about Allegri’s sacking and I’m finally happy to hear about it. We always talk to the club, because I have to be responsible to them. We have to keep working calmly, because we can always improve.”

On the premise of exemption or resignation

“I enjoy hearing these things. I’m sure what we’re doing and what’s going to happen, I’ve already said, I think I speak Italian quite correctly even if I go to school a little bit. It’s normal to always be in a discussion, but didn’t I have all the guys available? No? Is the team doing well? Yes, in the conditions we are in. In football, if you win you are a good boy, if you lose…”.

Trust the team

“As usual, there are those who see these negative moments and those who do not. If we win, I look for areas to improve, and if we lose it is easy. I am sure the team is fine. The physical condition is good. Also, after I conceded the goal. In the half The first we started running again. We didn’t make a divergence in the middle of the field and conceded the goal. I’ve already been through a lot of these situations, in Milan or Juventus, the more we cry on ourselves, the worse it is.”

About the dialogue with the players

“We spoke to the team and told ourselves that we cannot concede goals that easily. However, at this moment, we must think above all about doing it. Tomorrow will be a difficult match, Monza changed his coach and Lecce played well. The match. It will be necessary Facing the break in the best possible way and facing the second tranche of matches with more players, in the hope that they will all return to the best of the national team. There is confidence to continue the championship and meet the challenge that seems impossible at the moment. If they had given us our status we would have been in a different position in the league. I won’t say more than that, we simply have (referring to the abolished goal in Melek with Salernitana, editor)”.