Juventus crisis numbers: He scores little, doesn’t create risks, he only has Milik

Penultimate for the Bianconeri in Serie A in terms of risk. Without Pogba, Di Maria e Chiesa has difficulty in the last 35 metres

Massimiliano Allegri has always emphasized that trophies are won with defences, and in fact, the 5-time Italian champions Juventus have always been the team that scored the fewest goals in Serie A, as is the case with Milan in the season in which they finished first. Livorno coach on the bench. The Lady’s version of 2022-23 has collected less than in the past (5 goals conceded, half of them compared to 2021-22 goals after the same number of days) and this is really good news, after that to win matches you must also be able to score consistently. And this is where the problems begin, because the Bianconeri, along with Roma, are the only team in the top eight in our league that has not yet reached the double digits.

danger indicator

There is another more disturbing fact which gives a perception of the fragility of the lady in the offensive phase. Football analysts created a percentage indicator called “Field Tilt”, to revolutionize the concept of ball possession and control of the game: in essence, possession of the ball for a team is taken only in the last third of the field, which is the attack zone. Where more dangers can be created. According to the indicator in question, Juventus is in last place only in front of Lecce, with a share of 41.37%. Hence the difficulty of the Bianconeri reaching the last 35 metres, where it is much easier to injure the opponent. Just to give an idea, Naples is in first place with 60, 49%.

Shooting and accuracy

Moreover, Allegri’s team also occupies the last places in shots on goal (16th place with 25, the same number as Cremonese, worse still Lecce, Verona, Monza and Spezia) and “shot accuracy”, which will be the percentage of shots in the mirror in the total (17th place). With 27.8, in this case Cremonese performed better and behind Ms. Verona, Monza and Spezia are placed).

wanted imagination

The absences, the backbone of Allegri, at the start of the season, certainly had a weight, because without Pogba and Chiesa and with Di Maria so far only half-serving, it is difficult to invent it in the last 30-35 metres. The French midfielder and the Argentine winger were taken for it, but one of them did not enter the field, the other played only 187 minutes in Serie A, and only in the first half with Sassuolo did we get a set of his distinctive qualities, which we saw in Monza before. Getting them kicked out of the elbow was the worst in the field. Cuadrado’s negative moment (absent from the last championship match due to disqualification), someone else who can always invent something in the last 30-35 metres, certainly doesn’t help. Kostik, the Serbian winger who bought from Eintracht Frankfurt to increase the danger and effectiveness of their offensive maneuvering, has yet to make an impact, despite his fame as a serial crosser (confirmed by numbers in the Bundesliga last season.) and an assistant.

avalanche attack

The completion percentage remains low, not only compared to others in the current season but also if past numbers are recovered: 9 goals scored is a negative record for the Bianconeri in the last 14 years (the last time Juventus performed worse was 2008. -09, when Claudio was Ranieri was on the bench first and then Cerro Ferrara and the placement at the end of the season was second).

As on 2015-16

The only consolation is that the number of goals 7 days later is the same as in 2015-16, when it was still the tournament in May thanks to an extraordinary comeback by Allegri. Max’s offensive started better last year, when Flahovich, who arrived in January (11 positions), was not. In addition, the Serbian striker scored the same number of goals a year ago in a Fiorentina shirt (4), and played more (7 matches out of 7, all as a start, while this season he remained on the bench. 90 minutes in Florence).

Hold on to your liking

DV9 in the league has an average of one goal every 132 minutes, worse than Milik who scored a goal every 72 minutes and without taking penalties and free kicks. Of Doosan’s four goals, in fact, only one came from open play (in the first match against Sassuolo). In the league so far, the only other attacking winger/striker to enter the scorers’ table has been Di Maria, while the other positions have the signatures of two defenders (Bremer and Bonucci). Certainly when Pogba, Chiesa and Di Maria return (disqualified for two rounds), the situation will improve, but in the meantime Allegri will have to find a way to increase his lady risk.