Juventus Di Maria, agreement: Malik at Monza and then goes with Argentina

He’s not in great physical shape, but the Argentine should start at 1′

In times of need, heroes have to give that extra thing. So Angel Di Maria returned against Benfica in the Champions League from the second leg of the season due to the problem of the usual adductor muscle in his left thigh, and he will work at Monza most likely from 1′, contrary to what was believed until yesterday. morning. The video exercises gave positive emotions, so Massimiliano Allegri is developing the idea of ​​​​immediately throwing it into the fight. Today’s session will be decisive: if no complications arise, Di Maria will be the owner.


Juventus is in an emergency situation. Cuadrado and Melek’s disqualifications have also been added to the long unavailable list, following the expulsion in the recent rampage against Salernitana. So it makes sense to ask Di Maria to go the extra mile, as there is also a break for the national teams. Malak has been called up by Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni for the friendlies against Honduras and Jamaica and is known for his interest in Celicion. He will answer this question, but first he has to do it with the club that pays him the salary of the best player. Di Maria’s condition is what it is, but the generous half hour against Benfica showed two things: one is that such a champ is capable of creating plays in high school (you know the throw that puts Bremer into the goal at the end?) even on half-service; The second is that at the moment and without Milik as a shoulder for Vlahovic, Fideo is better than any other alternative. Two reasons make Allegri to take the risk a second time. Against Spezia and Fiorentina, in hindsight, Di Maria had a bit of a speedy recovery after the first injury was treated on his debut for Sassuolo. result? The relapse that made him jump Psg and Salernitana.

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In Fideo’s mind, in general, there is the idea of ​​indulgence with recurring muscle problems. Age is no longer the age of a child and on the horizon there may be one last chance to win the World Cup alongside Messi with Argentina. Accelerating recovery each time can lead to more serious consequences and certainly complicate the search for the perfect figure. So Angle opted for caution on his return to Benfica. Allegri was also afraid of the premise that it would be starting from the beginning, then consulting with the player who apparently chose wisdom, to bring him to the bench. Then, when Juventus left, Di Maria was asked to enter although the situation did not support the 32 minutes he played in the Champions League, the graft is very important for a team that struggles madly to create scoring opportunities, especially without Milik up front. Against Monza, Allegri hopes the Argentine’s class will be enough to reverse a dangerous trend of the Bianconeri running out of wins in September (two league draws and two Champions League losses). The tacit agreement with Fideo is simple: let’s win at Brianteo, then focus on your national team, with two weeks to improve your physical condition and return to the top after the break. Because healthy Di Maria makes all the difference in the world.